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So I started this Monday while I was at work:

God I love being cold! I am sitting here in my little cubicle wrapped up in a sweater and I am happy as a pig in you know what! I guess my love affair with summer is over for another year. Oh wait, not yet, I have this long weekend to get through before I can completely welcome the brisk weather!

So my weekend was pretty good for the most part. I spent most of Friday afternoon waiting for the brakes on my car to be fixed but since it was a few hundred less than we thought we were pretty happy. Friday evening I got possessed and went into our storage room and went through several large totes. I did accomplish making a mess! But I also have several bags for donation, a few bags to go in C’s yard sale and a small rubbish bag. Not bad. Of course I still have a huge tote of papers to go through. Papers are always the worst. I have kept letters, notes, old essays…you name it, I kept it. It’s hard to part with this stuff. I have decided to cover that tote back up and put it away til the next time K is on nights. I have more demanding things right now. We have to get our house clean for company this weekend.

Saturday we went to ribfest with C and her guy. We had arrived around 4 – so it was early enough there was no crowds which meant we finished super early. We made plans to drive back to C’s, ditch our car and drive to the casino. I only planned on spending $20 and I walked out with $11 after an hour of being entertained at the slot machines. C and her guy lost $50 each within 30 minutes of getting there. Keith was up $12 from his $20 but then lost it all.

We left, hit a tim’s and headed back to ribfest for dessert. I first had a bloomin’ onion which is delicious but oh so greasy and oh so huge. I had to throw half of it away. We left around 9 and headed back to C’s where we went hot tubbin’ and then sat outside in the beautiful night air until midnight! That never happens with C.

Sunday I woke up after sleeping poorly all congested. I sneezed at least a billion times and felt terrible. I’m not one for allergies…or at least I never was. Keith gave me a pill he found in our medicine cabinet which eventually cleared my head but then a while later I could barely keep my eyes open and I ended up zonking out for over an hour.

It was 7 by the time I got back up and we had yet to eat dinner. Our house was a disaster and neither of us had the ambition to do anything about it. We’ll be paying for that this week as we have to clean and get it ready by Friday.


So yes I am glad to say cleaning did commence Monday evening! We even made a dent in our cleaning! Go us.

I had a pretty good night of sleep and then BAM woke up with the stupid allergies back in full force. I was not impressed. I found another sinus pill - this one slightly less expired! It helped but I felt kind of in a fog all day - claritin clear my ass!

Both Keith and I are exhausted tonight - me due to allergies him due to a bad night sleep. I managed to go for a walk last night but I can tell it's not gonna happen today. I kind of made it out for a walk at lunch - I had to go and buy a top which totally sapped my walking time. Why did I have to buy a top you ask? Oh because the one I wore for the first time (brand new) was ripped at the seam on the left side. And this is why I buy second hand!

Alright I have to go salvage some of this night while my sugar high is still kickin' in. A little cleaning is better than none!

8:05 p.m. - 2012-08-28


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