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And it was good

I had a good weekend. I say that with confidence. Sometimes my weekends are just so-so but this past weekend I can declare as good! Of course now that I keep typing the word ‘good’ over and over again it just doesn’t seem to capture the essence of my weekend.

Hm, less with descriptive words and more with the actual telling of my weekend. Friday I saw my doctor and all is well. I have been moved from 3 iron pills a day down to 1. My doctor is so cute, he’s like “why were you on iron again?” Yah the confidence in this man isn’t the highest sometimes! So I opened my notes and told him when and why I went on iron. Oh silly medical man. The rest of my blood work was okay so thumbs up to that. Right before he came in I was reading an article on lying to your doctor so when my doctor asked if I was exercising and eating right I was brutally honest - no . What’s the point in lying right? Telling him I am going to get back on track doesn’t really do anything unless I have proof to back it up.

I had lunch with Keith and then shoo’d him off to work at 3pm and then I went and spent money that I know I shouldn’t. I bought some swimsuit bottoms with a 40% off coupon and then thrift shopped for a pair of black work pants, work shoes and the comfiest most awesome lounging sweater (that last one wasn’t planned). That evening I finally finished my book – you know “the” book. I immediately sent a text to C and she offered to drive over right then and deliver book number 2 and 3! I declined her generous offer as I felt I shouldn’t dive right into the second one or else I would lose my Saturday! Instead I took a power walk! At 8:30 at night – it’s pitch black by then but I had energy to burn.

Saturday Keith and I didn’t get up to too much. We ran some errands and then that evening filled my ipod with 79 songs. Yup just 79. I have the old school ipod. I got this ipod 7 years ago free from my bank for switching over. It was just when Keith and I got married and amalgamated our finances. It’s old. I’ve ‘misplaced’ my mp3 player. So for now this ipod is getting a lot of use.

Sunday we met C and her hubby downtown to go to the bookstore that’s closing. It was quite busy as there was an event going on downtown. I found it hard to buy books at 50% off knowing that on Tuesday they will be down to 75%. But I have a feeling the choices will be limited. I can’t wait to go there tomorrow at lunch and find out what’s left. I won’t feel bad if all my books are gone cause I still have the book sale in C’s town to look forward to next month. After the bookstore we all grabbed a coffee and chatted for a while and then headed our separate ways.

Keith and I grocery shopped and then headed home and watched a movie – The 5 year engagement. It was longer than I expected. A little draggy in parts but it did make me lol many times. It definitely seemed like a movie filmed without much script kind of like bridesmaids.

Hm so that was my wknd which now that I've written it doesn't sound that good - well to others. But trust me it was good. I told the hubs that reading my book was like reading porn half the time and let's just say that lead to some of the 'ood' in the good of this weekend. Wink wink.

Now. Now it is Monday. Ugh. Some of our systems are down at work and it is frustrating. Tonight after work it’s chiro and then dinner out at Swiss! I cannot wait. It’s like our date night!

8:54 p.m. - 2012-09-24


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