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An entry that feels incomplete...cause it is

Ok before I post the entry I wrote earlier while at work let me just say - in case someone just happened to randomly click on my diary like I have been clicking on the 'recent public entries' please for the love of all that is good and holy do NOT use black as your background with white type! It bugs the hell out of your eyes when trying to read it. I look up after reading a few lines and there are patterns all around me - I have to blink repeatedly to try and get my eyes adjusted back to the way they should be! No...just no.

I am trying to find new diary's to read - I realized my list of 'buddy's' is so out of date with people who have since left d-land that it's just sad. I must say so far I have discovered a few promising ones so Yay for that!!

Now on to the earlier written word:

I give up. Uncle. My summer clothes are going away THIS weekend. I have tried to hold on to the easy lifestyle of slipping on a pair of capris paired with some slip on sandals but I am waving the white flag. Sure, later on in a few hours when we finally heat up I will be happy I wore capris but right now my feet are freezing and my legs are cold. Sigh.

This morning as I was in the shower I opened up my body wash and yelped as my finger throbbed and I looked down and it was bleeding in the same spot where the mysterious cut appeared earlier this week. Mystery solved. Itís just scary that I didnít realize I cut it in the shower the first timeÖ.or probably the secondÖ.cause this cut is deep.

Itís nice having Keith home when I get home from work. I like how we fall into this routine where we both just sit and tell each other things about our day, things that we heard on the news or just snippets that we want to share. I donít know itís just nice knowing that the man I married almost 7 years ago is still the one I want to share everything with.

My nose it like a faucet right now. I havenít stopped blowing it since I arrived at work. Do I have a cold? It canít still be allergies, itís too cold out now! I donít feel sick. Hm this is weird.

I have went to the bookstore thatís going out of business a few times this week. The other day I spent $21 but before they took the discount off it was $85. How cool is that? I went back and spent more money yesterday but only $8. I have a feeling the library sale next month isnít going to be the same for me this year but maybe I can research my favourite authors ahead of time and write their names down so Iím only looking for their books.

I kind of want to go to the bookstore today Ė again Ė but I have to walk at lunch. I skipped all exercise yesterday and ate a lot of dessert so itís not really an option Ė I have to walk today. Sigh Ė books.

I wonder if anyone would notice if I brought in those foot snuggy things? You slip your feet in and they are toasty warm? I should probably get up and move around so I can stop focusing on the coldness oh wait I am tied to the phone for the next 28 minutes.

9:35 p.m. - 2012-09-28


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