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Books.......books.....and oh yah an Anniversary!

Seven years ago today I woke up after a restful night sleep without any bridal nerves at all. Oh I had nerves but they were about timing and how my hair would look etc. I didnít have any second thoughts about marrying the man of my dreams. It was a gorgeous day. The day went by in a blur and my only regret is not committing every moment to memory! Tonight we will go out for dinner (using a pre-paid group-on cause thatís how we roll). We thought about going out to dinner last night instead but by the time dinner rolled around we were too tired.

Tired from what you ask? Well I may have mentioned that the tax man finally caught up to us and we have been given a time limit to complete our taxes. The few people reading this are the only ones who know we havenít done our taxes (I think T might know). I have 3 years worth to do. And let me just say doing taxes suck. Ugh. It especially sucks cause I have given to a few charities the last few years and I guess I always assumed they were a registered charity Ė but nope. I donít regret giving them money but unfortunately I think Iím gonna have to say no from now on. I also figured out I was giving to 2 different charities for the same event Ė sending special needs kids to the circus. So I was sending 4 kids instead of two giving of me I know.

Anywho so far we have completed last yearís taxes. I think it took us about an hour and a half. It was gruelling. The upswing is Iím getting a couple grand back. The not so upswing is that it will go towards Keithís debt. Ah well. Oh and I have been warned the previous years wonít be so fruitful so I have hours more fun to look forward to with less results!

I did my yearly horse gambling on the weekend. Keith and I had a late lunch/early dinner and got there super early (about an hour before we were all to meet) and who walked in the door behind us by C and her hubby! I told Keith I think they have done that before Ė go early play the slots and then meet up with us. No wonder I was always the last one playing! Nobody won it big on the ponies but none of us bet very much. I did make a couple good bets but I always chicken out and never bet for my horses Ďto winí. Iím not a savvy gambler at all. C and her guy left early while T and her guy showed up about an hour late. Ah these friends of mine. But Keith and I were there for 5 hours so we figured that was a good evening out. We picked up pizza on the way home and I just managed to stay awake for a movie (barely).

Sunday I dragged Keith to church and it was packed, we found out it was the ministerís last day Ė that made sense. It was a really good service though. At home I was quite industrious and did a monthís worth of dishes (okay fine 2 days) and then 3 loads of laundry then the dreaded taxes.

I walked past the closed bookstore on my lunch walk today and lo and behold there was a Ďfreeí table out front with tons of people circling it. The guy even provided bags! I picked up 10 more books. I am set forÖ.years! This is gonna make the library book sale in a few weeks very anticlimactic! I better get looking at specific authors stat so I can at least pick up a few books I really want! Any suggestions?

We have been invited to stay at my brother and silís new house this weekend which is pretty cool. I was wondering how visiting them was going to work from now on. We canít visit them without visiting my parents which isnít a problem or anything itís just going to be weird if we go visit them on a random weekend and not sleep at my parents house. I know my parents love having them so close. I might be a tad jealous!


Well we had a wonderful dinner out - so yummy! We then stopped on the way home and bought some dessert for later. Once home we exchanged mushy cards and presents. Keith liked his Dr Who robe that I got him (or at least that's what he says). As for me I was quite shocked to open up the small gift bag and find an ereader! Yah shocked! My life is becoming all about books! Cool.

7:48 p.m. - 2012-10-01


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