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It's been a while since I called in sick but that's what I did this morning. I don't even feel guilty - cause I am sick! Of course I started feeling crappy on Friday (my flex day) and spent the weekend sneezing, sniffling and generally feeling shitty. I did perservere through it and went out and about and did things but always with a bundle of kleenex somewhere on my person. This morning after a not so great sleep (even though I went to bed super early with Keith) I got up, showered and layed there on my bed working up the energy to get dressed, drive into the office and sit in a chair all day under florescent lights. Yah the lights did it for me. I made the call. Unfortunatley I never went back to sleep. A nap may be in order this afternoon but knowing me, probably not - I get this huge guilt thing going on if I try and nap. Weird.

I met up with C and her hubby Friday evening and book shopped. I only bought 10 books which is very little for me but I'm pretty sure the prices were up from last year. Before that I forced my husband into having a late lunch with me before he went to work. I was sick and cranky and he was tired and cranky and he was just going to go to work sad (cause of me) and hungry. So I apologized for being mean and forced him to eat a pita (his favourite food right now) and all was better.

I finally finished the 50 shades trilogy this weekend. It's not the best series I have read but it's not the worst. There are far worst writers out there who put out several
books a year and I can't stand their writing. So meh I'm glad I read this series. One day I wouldn't even mind owning it - but not until it's dirt cheap.

Saturday Keith and I drove to C's and returned her book (C likes her stuff back pronto). We then drove to a pumpkin place on the side of the road and just as we got out of the car it began to rain - heavy. But we got our 2 pumpkins and left. We spent way more than what the grocery stores are charging!

Sunday we cleaned. Ugh. I had to nag a little (which I hate) but we got it done. Tonight my parents arrive for dinner and to spend the night. They leave early tomorrow morning.

I think I might pop a pill (I was gonna try and avoid pills today but why do that to myself?), maybe do the dishes from dinner last night and then head out to pick up a couple things (meds are on the list so I don't feel guilty for being out shopping on a sick day!).

Sneeze ya later.

10:40 a.m. - 2012-10-22


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