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Lists make everything better!

Here's how conditioned I am - I went to my favourites list and hit FB rather than D-land - out of habit. Ugh.

What a week. We haven't had a busy week like this in a long time. Is this what normal people go through? If so count me out. Halloween turned out to be a success even though I got home an hour later than normal (just because I decided to stop at a store on my way home and had the traffic from hell). Keith did all the set up and the kids (60 or so) loved it - we even scared a few (not our intention - they just scare easily). Many of them made comments about how happy they were to get treat bags. Some even remembered us from last year. Cool.

Tonight I stayed late at work - working on a film project. I suckered a co-worker into starring in a skit I wrote for work. I was also in it. Another co-worker filmed it for us and I am honestly afraid to watch it. I wore the worst outfit today to be filmed in (hello white clingy top in all the wrong places!). I don't like myself on camera anyway so I have no idea what posessed me to do this. Keith is going to edit it for me this wknd. If it turns out to be horrible I will only show it to my 2 co-workers and not the office like I plan.

Tomorrow kicks off my 4 day weekend. T and I are meeting up to get facials in the afternoon. The evening is a bit of a question mark as a friend of hers wants us to come out to some live show but tickets are sold out. It's sketchy. I honestly don't want to spend money tomorrow night for a show I have no idea about. We are going to be spending a crap load of money on hotel, food and thrift stores this weekend so I'm not too thrilled with the idea. We'll see how it pans out.

Saturday we leave for T dot, pick up S on our way and then head north to our destination. Oh except S now wants us to make a pit stop to visit her parents. I'm not thrilled with this unless it's to check on them or something (ie a real reason not just because she's too involved with her boyfriend to ever go visit her parents!!). It's just.....weird she's asking us to do this. Or I could just be tired and a tad bitchy right now. But I'm going with weird of her to ask.

I have a lot to do before I leave for my facial tomorrow and it might be stressing me out a tiny bit. I say a lot but it's not that bad I just get myself in a tizzy when we have company and want to scrub everything - floors, tub, toilet, sinks.....

I will have fun this weekend. I will. A'ight I am gonna finish drying my laundry, finish watching this sitcom then head upstairs to bed where I will write a detailed list of everything I want/need to accomplish tomorrow before beginning my weekend o'fun!

9:35 p.m. - 2012-11-01


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