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This entry brought to you by the words - Bitch Slap

Well since I am avoiding writing my novel for nanowrimo I thought I would write an entry instead. Yah I decided the other night after being 6 days past the starting date I would write a novel (I mean TRY and write a novel).

So last weekend was fun. It was a lot of driving (I say that cause I was the person driving). T and I got away nice and early and picked up S in no time. We stopped at S's parents and had a quick little visit - coffee and lemon tarts included. We then made it to Ptown and checked into our hotel.

Um I can't really remember the details, but we did a lot of thrift store shopping and a lot of eating! Our room had a king bed and a pull out couch. T and I discussed the sleeping arrangements on the way down - she decided she wasn't sleeping on the pull out because she's preggers and I decided it wasn't going to be me cause this was all my idea and I executed it damnit (yah I'm adult like that). That night all 3 of us slept in the kingsize. Yup S wanted to sleep in the bed too (she's stubborn too). She slept in the middle. Needless to say all 3 of us slept like crap. When one of us would roll over the other two would do the same. Ugh.

Sunday we did more eating and more shopping. Around 4pm my sil met up with us. She had my newest nephew with her. We shopped for a bit more then headed back to the hotel room where we cranked the heat for the baby and I'm pretty sure I nearly had a stroke from it. I was also bitchy cause I was trying to order us our pizza for dinner (hotdog stuffed crust!) and S was being annoying as hell. I asked her to pass me a book by her foot as I was at the desk with the laptop and she effin ignored me, both my sil and T looked at my face and knew that S was pissing me off. I don't hide my feelings well anymore. Finally I got up and got the book and she was all "oh cool your heals I was going to get it,". I kind of really wanted to bitch slap her and now that I am retelling it I kind of want to bitch slap her even more. And just because I am ragging on S right now I guess I should mention that she gave me another terrible b-day present. Bath salts and soap (both homemade). Guess what? We're not teenagers. You have a job that pays you over $25 an hour for serving food in a froo-froo gallery - you can afford nice gifts!! Wait I also got a smelly incense thing and a pad of paper. I am not making this shit up. Love the girl but man oh man.

I rocked my nephew to sleep (yah I'm bragging) then I handed him off to T who well.....woke him up and could not for the life of her get him to sleep. Snicker. The girl is awkward as all get out holding him. I know it will take getting used to but I just couldn't look away at my poor little nephew all wide eyed and wondering where his awesome aunt and her bosom went?

My sil left around 9 and we headed for a quick swim before bed. The pool was amazing it's an outdoor/indoor one and it rocked. Hm I should post some pics on FB that would surprise T and S - I never get around to doing that crap. Plus another way to avoid writing!

That night S decided she was going to sleep on the sofa. T and I did a secret dance and slept like queens. The next morning we had another swim (thankfully we all love swimming that much) and then we checked out early so we could hit a few more stores on the way home. We first stopped at my sil's so I could visit little D (although I gave a cover story of showing S and T my sil's new house). Little D was super awesome. We all played in his playroom for a while. He's a card. He surprised me when he had his hand in his pocket and he said "Aunt M guess what's in my pocket?" After saying I don't know he pulled out his hand and said "The Claw" and came at me to tickle my belly. He got that trick from his dad. He executed it perfectly.

Then it was time for his nap and time for us to hit the road. We made one more stop - no wait 2 and then we hit the road. We totally hit rush hour on the way home but it was worth it. S was awesome as she told us to let her off at an exit on the highway and she could bus it home rather than taking an hour to drop her off because of traffic. I totally didn't want to bitch slap her then!

We got home around 5 and T packed her car and hit the road. I unpacked my car and then collapsed. What a long weekend....that I wouldn't have traded for the world. I spoke to my mom that night and we chatted about stuff that ticked me off but I don't wanna get into that now. Family stuff. I should end this now so I can go and download some pics to fb AND then do a little writing. It will be amazing if I even get to 10,000 words by the end of the month! Pro-cra-sti-nation!

6:50 p.m. - 2012-11-08


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