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Nope not a burglar....

Hm what to say? It's late but not that late. I'm tired. I've been up since 7:30am which I know isn't that big a deal but since it is my day OFF it sucks. I had to be up so the gas meter people could come and switch the meter. It's mandatory - you don't have the option to say no. They said they would be here between 8 and 12. They arrived at 10:30. After they left I finally got on a writing strike and wrote til Keith got up at 1:30. I also had a pot of coffee so I'm sure that helped. Maybe I will complete nanowrimo again this year!

I left before Keith did cause I had to get our other car undercoated for winter. I then made a bajillion stops before coming home. I also got really pissy with people and their driving skills and I might have screamed cause they are all effin' idiots. The irony did strike me that I was yelling at people while having my x-mas music cranked. It gave me a glimpse of x-mas shopping to come and it was not pretty. It just confirms that shopping from Friday - Sunday is definitely out from now on.

I did get lost in Sears for a while. I bought my sil a sweater for her b-day. I also bought a super cute flannel sheet set for $25. They said over the speakers this one set was on for 50% off today only. So I went and looked and they were nice. For the price I decided why not. I got to the til and they charged me $49. Nope. After almost 15 minutes it was decided I get them for $25 - um it's the law so I wasn't panicking.

Tomorrow we are heading North to visit the fam. It's my younger brother's birthday and my niece's. I also missed my sil's b-day thus the sweater bought for her today. 3 presents. Cha-ching.

So the other night I met up with my ex bellydance friends. 4 of us met for dinner. We stayed at the restaurant for over 3 hours! It was awesome. We are actually getting together again in December.

Okay, I am tired and thus boring. Time for sleepy sleep. I'm gonna grab my book and take this party to the bedroom!

***Nope not going to bed it seems, the door upstairs opened and it's either my hubby or a burglar!

11:11 p.m. - 2012-11-16


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