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Out of sorts/crabby/pissyÖ.you name it thatís me

I am feeling out of sorts today. There is a list of reasons. All of them pretty superficial. The one thatís probably not too superficial is that I Ďmisplacedí my new pack of birth control pills. Oops. I first thought I forgot to pick them up from the pharmacy so I called this morning and nope I picked up 3 packs last month. I sort of remember doing that but now I am up a creek without a paddle so to speak. I will have to book it home tonight after work and tear the house apart looking for a stupid small white pharmacy bag. Ugh. If I donít find them I will have to go to the pharmacy and pay the damn money for a pack of pills. Being a woman sucks sometimes.

I think another reason I am cranky is that I got very little done this weekend but I had a helluva amount of downtime so itís just pure laziness that killed my weekend. Oh Keith and I did get out and about both days but nothing and I mean nothing got done inside the house. We cooked, we ate and the dishes still sit in the kitchen. My laundry basket is overflowing and yet I did no laundry. We bought a lot of stuff for x-mas and the like but those bags and parcels are all sitting in the living room probably hiding my small white pharmacy bag that I never dealt with a month ago. Double ugh.

While my weekend was happening I was quite enjoying it Ė but really who wouldnít? I swear we live like teenagers more than adults.

Iím probably also pissy cause I have been neglecting to exercise. I say neglecting cause it is mostly by choice. I have a whole bag of reasons but the fact is my motivation has ran away and with it my hope for a good blood sugar reading that is to take place any week now. I knew as soon as I started seeing weight loss results and people started noticing that I would back off. I donít know whatís wrong with me but honestly as soon as people notice itís like I become a frightened deer and have to run away from continuing on my healthy binge. I fell off it Ė hard. Iíve been eating way more chocolate than any one person should Ė let alone a diabetic one. Maybe if I was exercising and then eating chocolate I could semi justify it Ė but nope.

And last but not least on my selfish list of woes, I have bombed with nanowrimo this year. My heart wasnít in it from the beginning. I have written a handful of times all month. Of course each time I do write, I write huge chunks so thatís probably the only reason I havenít thrown my hands up in the air and abandoned it. I enjoy writing, I enjoy the challenge but getting me to do it on a daily basis is a laugh. This weekend (mostly last night) I found some motivation and wrote 10,000 words so I am now at the half way mark with um 4 days to go of the month. You do the math. I donít think Iím gonna make it! Especailly if I am tearing the place apart looking for a damn white bag instead of writing!!


* I found my pills!!
* I have begun to clean up the thousand bags and parcels in the the living room
* I did not one but two loads of laundry!
* At lunch I went for an impromptu walk!

So yup I am definitely feeling better!

9:45 p.m. - 2012-11-26


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