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Did I win or didn't I?

What a crazy few days - weather wise really. Friday after writing for a few hours, Keith called as he was on his way home. Once he got home I put the computer down - I had 1500 more words to go.

Then I left around 4:20 to go meet C and T for dinner and shopping. A 15 minute drive - 30 in rushhour - took all of us (coming from different directions) about 90 minutes. It had begun to snow crazy blizzard like and the roads were BAD and some people were driving crazy slow and some weren't thus a helluva lot of accidents.

I was the first one to arrive. Then C and about half an hour later T. We drove in one car to a little diner that had great food at great prices. Then we did some speed shopping cause we only had like an hour and a half.

We parted ways at 9pm and I drove home in super slow traffic which surprised me cause I thought it would be a lot better. It was better just not a lot.

Then I began to write once more and the words were not flowing but I pushed onward and by 10:30 I had WON NANOWRIMO!!! Yup I somehow wrote 20,000 words in two days (and I'm talking evening writing only). I have no idea how I did it - well my super fast typing came in handy. Procrastinator to the end.

Saturday Keith came with me to 3 craft shows/church bazaars. I bought little things from each one. One of my favourite items had to be a small a&w bear - he was old but he cost me 25 cents. It's to hang on your tree, I might put it in my dad's stocking. It was freezing cold out and very foggy.

Then we went to the farmers market and bought summer sausage. We were then both hungry and let our stomachs rule our last purchases - it was buy 5 items for $20 - we bought a focaccia, a pkg of pizza stick bread, cheese bread and 2 jars of hot chutney or something like that. Let's just say the 2 jars were the only good things out of that purchase. We had the focaccia and some pizza sticks for dinner and I felt sooooo bad after eating them. We barely ate a quarter of the focaccia. Today I had the cheese bread and it was terrible. It's like it's a mixture between bread and a tea biscuit so it was an odd consistency. Maybe I should try toasting it? Ugh. The chutney stuff was for Keith and my mom it's hot which they both enjoy.

Saturday night we watched a tv marathon of Once Upon a Time - we hadn't seen any of this season's episodes and let's just say we're all caught up now.

All weekend I have also been working on our living room - cleaning the clutter and moving our furniture around (fine Keith did that part). Today we went out and purchased our tree - it is now sitting in our front window!!! I am psyched to decorate it but that will probably happen tomorrow. It's "my" thing since Keith isn't keen on it and I love it and have to decorate it a certain way. Plus a lot of ornaments have sentimental value for me so as I take them out I look at them and remember when I got them. Good times. Oh yah we woke up to RAIN and balmy temperatures. Thankfully it was only slightly raining when we went and got our tree (hello global warming!)

Now, I am avoiding doing any more cleaning even though the house is begging for it. The dish washer needs to be unloaded and then reloaded with dirty dishes. The recycling needs to be put out. Laundry needs to be done. But I am avoiding it all. Although I just had a snack as dinner's not for a few hours so I think my energy level is rising again. Maybe I better take advantage of it!

4:42 p.m. - 2012-12-02


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