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Candy + Bacon = yum!

It’s no secret (at least in here) that I am a big thrift store fan. I’m finding the ‘chain’ stores are beginning to out price themselves while the smaller stores are almost asking too little but that’s not my concern. But I can’t help but wonder as I walk through the stores looking at knickknacks, especially with items containing people’s names why they gave it away? It’s personalized. What happened to the person? Did they feel they were becoming a hoarder? Did someone die? I almost want to know the story behind each piece – which is impossible I know – so usually I ponder the item for a few moments and then forget about it. I have come to good fortune of now owning my very own personalized stocking bought from a thrift shop and just now an ornament with my maiden name on it. Cool.

So there’s a lot of sadness going around lately. Within a week I have heard of 3 people who have died – 2 in their 30’s and 1 in their 50’s. I didn’t know any of these people at all but it brings me down all the same. Death is a bitch and at Christmas? The sadness is beyond imagining.

This weekend my parents are coming ‘for lunch’. Yes, they are driving 3 hours one way – taking us out to lunch and then driving home 3 hours – same day. They are kooky but I love them. They want to come see our Christmas tree. I guess they have seen my other siblings’ trees over the years but never ours. I also think they feel a wee bit sorry for us in our non-children home that they want to give us some attention. Cool but not necessary.

So this week it is my mission to get the house in shape – Christmas shape. The tree is completely decorated, the living room is mostly decorated and the kitchen is still a mess. I’m working on it. I also want to wrap some gifts to have them under the tree to give it that realistic touch!

Our office is having a x-mas decorating challenge – each department does there area up pretty and it gets judged. It is so on. We are having a work meeting at 3 today to discuss how we’re excecuting it. You know when you get to spend work time on non-work stuff that it’s BIG. The winners get a free pizza – not a huge deal – it’s basically for bragging rights.

Last night as I drove home I had this wicked idea for a book. A few lines kept running through my head so as soon as I walked through the door I put pen to paper (literally) and wrote 3 pages worth. I know!

This past weekend turned out to be pretty fun. Jam packed but fun. Saturday morn I met C and her guy at Cost-a-hell-uva-lot-co and we all spend a lot of money. Then I went home and sat and drank my coffee while waiting for Keith to get up. I eventually had to wake him. We left a bit later than planned but I had to tell myself to ‘stuff it’ we’re having FUN. We checked in to our hotel and then left to go shopping – our trip to our favourite mall wasn’t as fruitful as normal. It could be because we are down to 3 people to buy for (from 20) so we’re looking for very particular things. Stuff was still bought though. Oh yah before that we had lunch using our gift card from 2 years ago. The lunch was good but the dessert was AMAZING! It was a huge homemade chocolate chip cookie with banana slices on it, peanut butter on that and then chocolate! Then add some whip cream and ice cream and I was in heaven. We were stuffed. But we darn well used the whole $50 gift card (we don’t have the restaurant in our town) and the girl got a large tip so she was happy.

So after eating and shopping we headed back to the hotel and went for a dip in the tiny pool and some time in the hot tub. Eventually we got ready and headed to my friend’s “Pork Party”. It’s exactly as it sounds. It was pork-a-palooza. Bacon, back bacon, sausages, pulled pork and candied bacon! Candied bacon on cupcakes are quite scrumptious!

We could have stayed much later but we had to leave around 12:30 if we wanted to not be dead to the world the next day. But T dot never fails to amaze me cause a small group had dropped by around 11 and they left just before us to go home, get changed and go to a BALL – well technically you didn’t have to get that dressed up but that was the type of party it was. It was by invite only and the girl who was going invited our group to go along. Oh if I was only younger!! All nighter’s are no longer my friend.

It was rough enough getting up the next morning with only 7.5 hours sleep! We showed up an hour later than the schedule said but the only reason to get there on time was for better seats. We went to Medieval Times. Last time we went (probably 7 years ago) I only focused on how much the girls at our table (8-10 year old girls were annoying the hell out of me). This time I forced myself to forget the petty stuff and just concentrate on the experience. I mean it’s $50 a person to go but we were going for free thanks to my work. So while the food was subpar and the waitress was so far behind I was pretty much just getting my coffee as the show ended (rather than the 20 minutes before like everyone else). I let it go. I knew that she was running to keep up and they were probably short handed. And while the guy beside Keith was a big guy who liked to sit with his body leaning on the table essentially cutting off part of my vision to the left of the arena I just sat forward a bit more and kept on smiling! By the end I had a headache but I’m sure that had nothing to do with all the smiling I kept doing!

We left but didn’t go home, we instead went to a few more places to look around. We finally got back home around 5 and decided to grab Chinese rather than cook. The food part of our weekend was supported by gift card and money my parents gave us for our anniversary so that was cool. I walked into the Chinese restaurant to order and there were 5 people ahead of me. Slow. The phone rang and she picked it up and took the order. I walked out. Whipped my phone out of my pocket, ordered our dinner, then walked over to the grocery store where Keith was and spent time with him. The girl totally called me on it when I went back in to pick up our food. “Weren’t you in line before?” I was honest and said yes but then I left and called in my order. Heh.

10:34 p.m. - 2012-12-11


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