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Christmas & NYE recap!

Once again...Christmas and New Years has come and gone. Is it just me or does time freakin' speed up the older you get? Cause we seriously have got to slow things down! I wonder if it's because as a kid you are off on break and you have no responsibilities and time just seems endless. Whatever it is I wish time would slow down or you know I could win the lottary and not have to be a slave 'to the man'.

So let's have a recap for this old gal so I can look back one day and remember the good times...or something like that! Christmas eve day the hubby and I drove to his parents - we only left 30 minutes late which is good for us. His whole fam was there and it was wonderful chaos - kids and dogs running all around. After dinner we watched them open a gazillion presents and then we played our white elephant game. I stole a gift but then had it stolen back I wasn't too heart broken I just liked the charlie brown tree. I ended up with a funny beer mug. Keith got a mr bean movie. Both of our gifts (the ones we brought) were stolen - a set of coffee mugs with a mustache and the other with lips and then a tequila game - tequila included! Around 4 we were pushed out the door so we could get to my parents. We made it to the evening church service in plenty of time. The service wasn't as special to me as it normally is and I"m not sure why. I think I had to much on my mind and I was overthinking everything that was going on around me. I guess I was out of sorts. Plus for some reason I am turned off when random people go up and sing - it's not that they are necessarily bad but it's like it's turning into an "idol" competition and it.....annoys me. Afterwards we headed back to my parents and watched it's a Wonderful Life which is becoming a tradition (I should really bring the dvd next year cause the commercials kill me! We all headed to bed around 11-ish.

Christmas Day! The 4 of us (mom, dad, Keith and I) got up around 8ish and we opened our stockings and then opened a few gifts from each other. We then had breakfast - peameal bacon and scrambled eggs - it's a tradition! Around 12 o'clock people started to show up. The tables were set up and Keith and I just finished a project for my mom - ironing on decals on t-shirts for all the grand kids - cute idea but a lot of work! Christmas was total chaos as normal. I have given up trying to get everyone to open presents in an orderly fashion! I want to watch people open gifts that I gave them to see their initial reaction. Next year I will sit back and not be the person who gives out the gifts (which I usually am with help from the nephews and nieces) instead I will sit back and watch people open my gifts. We'll see if that happens! I think the last people left around 8 that night. It was a loooong day. No scrabble that night either!

Boxing Day! We packed up all the leftovers, drove over to my brother and sil's and then they followed us in their vehicle to my gran's and uncle's to have dinner with them. They couldn't come x-mas day cause my grandma isn't feeling well and they were invited to a neighbours in their building. Complete BS but after what we've been through with my uncle this year we let it go. He tried to mollify us by saying they would come for New Years Day dinner with the family. We arrived, made awkward conversation, ate food, cleaned up the food and left. Oh and we gave them gifts - ALL of us made baskets of food for them (sad that we need to give them food but it's what they need more than anything else - sigh). My sil and I took charge and split the vehicles up and ran a few errands before all meeting back at their house. We had some pizza and hung out there until heading back to my parents around 9pm.

We played 1 regular game of scrabble and 1 speed scrabble before bed. Keith pissed me off so we went to bed a little tiffed with each other. He did apologize but yah the damage was done to our sleep deprived, over stimulated minds. But all was well when we got up the next morning (well okay I had to cajol him into a good mood cause I wake up with a clean slate - him not so much). We had breakfast and then got on the road around 11 since it had been snowing since the night before and it was still accumulating. Our drive home was interesting when we ran out of window washer fluid on the 401. We drove behind vehicles that kicked up the wetness so we could clean our windshield! Finally we were able to get off and open our trunk to find a big ol' bottle of the blue stuff - yay! We made it home after a quick lunch with no further issues.

After being home for a few hours we decided to take a nap not because we were all that tired but because we were going to the movies that night - a 10:45 movie that ended at 1am. Yup the Hobbit movie. It really wasn't all that bad. And it was kinda nice to have the theatre quite empty (about a dozen of us). I only got sleepy at one point but shook it off and concentrated on the movie. I would recommend a seventh inning stretch though - people aren't meant to sit still for that long!

The next few days we just did our own thing - relaxed, played video games (him), watched Felicity (me) and just overall chillaxed in the true sense. On Sunday we got up, packed the car to the hilt once again, made a couple stops and then hit the highway to my brother and sil's house now only 2.5 hours away rather than 5 (wicked!).

The original plan had been to make wings and ribs for new years eve and just pig out and chillax at home. That was still the plan except we threw in a roast beef dinner at my sil's mother's with a swim before dinner. I was okay with it cause she is a sweet woman and this is her first x-mas/new years alone since her husband died. We all had a good time even though the dinner was slightly burnt and little D was tired so sitting still while we ate wasn't an option (it was around 7 by this time). Finally around 8 we left and drove the 2 minutes home. We then spent the next few hours making our food (oh it was still on!) and also peeling a whole bag and a half of potatoes to help my sil for her dish the next day. We all managed to stay up til midnight and beyond! Even little Sam was up - he's a night owl. I got a picture of all of us at midnight exactly! Eventually we all headed to bed knowing we'd be up early (especially the parents as Mr D would be up by 7am).

New Years lunch was held this year at my dad's church. He rented out the church for this purpose. The church has a fabulous kitchen and is perfect for our family functions. There's a large foyer where we set up the tables. There is a large boardroom where games could be played, a nursery full of toys for the little ones and a huge gymansium for the older ones who wanted to play a bit of ball hockey. Perfect. It was probably one of the best times I've had since you could wander room to room and chat with everyone and we were so spread out that you didn't get annoyed with the noise or people being squished into 1 room.

Around 5 we left for home but everyone was leaving too so it didn't feel like we were leaving the fun behind. I did get a little melancholy that it was all over. Keith thought I was silly cause he was happy to get back into the routine. I saw his point but I was still sad. We were now totally in 2013.

But not to say I'm not looking forward to 2013. It's gonna be a good year. T is having her baby in a few months. We're finally getting help with our finances and debt. We have another bank appt in a few weeks. I know it won't be easy but at least we're finally facing our debt head on.

I didn't make any resolutions this year. I know I need to lose weight for my health. I know I need to exercise (often) for my health. I know we need to take better care of our house - fix the small problems and make plans for the bigger ones. I know we need to de-clutter (although I am proud to say I made a good start of it the last few months). I'm learning to say goodbye to 'stuff'. It's hard I ain't gonna lie. But that's what 2013 is for me. It's a year of Challenge. And right now, I am glad to say that I am up for that challenge! Bring it 2013!!!

11:30 a.m. - 2013-01-05


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