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It's not a juicer....I watched the infomercial...

When did I turn into such a wimp? I mean the temps go into the minuses and suddenly I am refusing to step foot outside! Don’t worry this question is rhetorical!

So I have come to realize that I have very few blog favourites now. Not because people started sucking or anything but mainly because people just……stopped. Some even removed their blogs without leaving up a good-bye post – I know I’ve bitched about this before but people for the love of my sanity just write a brief paragraph saying ‘no more imma outta here’. That’s all I ask for – a little closure.

So to those few people who I still have the pleasure of reading – thank you! Not sure if you read me but meh I still feel I should put the thank you out there.

I’m feeling all out of sorts this morning. Probably because I woke up from a sad dream involving my mom and her having health issues. I even got upset at my dad in my dream! It especially sucked because I woke up….resolved to not think about the stupid dream and then went friggin back into it! How often does that happen? Never on happy dreams I can tell you that much! So I woke up and was just melancholy. This effin cold weather is doing nothing to put me in a better mood.

Oh and if isn’t bad enough being cooped up at work all day without my precious lunch time walk to keep me sane (I’ve tried walking in the cold – it sucks), instead I am stuck inside listening to every single co-worker – that’s over 80 people hack up whatever is currently in their body – yah disgusting. I know I really shouldn’t bitch about being healthy and having to listen to sick people ALL around me but yah fine I’m bitching – take a Halls sick people!

So the hubby and I decided to throw away some money and buy the nutri blaster thing. Basically you throw a few handfuls of 'greens' in and then fill the rest with an odd assortment of fruits and a bit of water and you blend it super well and then chug your daily veggie intake - oh and you add 'boosters' like flax or nuts etc. Although most shocking is the fact that we used it already and we just bought it last night. That has to be a record for us. Ironically I can actually see myself using this cause I just really can't be bothered eating so many veggies and fruits throughout the day so I just....don't. Nada. This way you get it all over with. I'm sure that is not how they wanted this machine to sell itself but that's essentially why I bought it.

The 'drink' we made tonight definitely needs some tweaking - basically we added no sweetness (pineapple etc) so it was a wee bit bland. Filling though. Hey if it helps my blood sugar (in a positive way) then color me hooked!

A'ight that's about all I have to say. I'm trying to get back into the habit of writing more often. I think about writing a LOT but just never put word to um....screen.


8:27 p.m. - 2013-01-15


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