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Florida car you are seriously on my last nerve!

Okay I am just going to copy and paste an email I sent to a few friends on how my morning went:

I would have cried if I hadn't been laughing so hard after the events of my morning!

My "Florida" car has decided it's too delicate for Canadian winters so it gives me a hard time every day. Today it decided not to open. There is only one key hole and it's on the driver's door - I could put the key in but it would not twist or turn. Fine I decided to use the remote (I never use it because it is set up for my uncle and the seat and mirrors all adjust by themselves which is a huge pain). So I pressed the button, the car made sounds but nothing. Nothing. It did not open.

I went back into the house - searched for stupid lock de-icer but of course could not find the one bottle that has been kicking around the house since we moved in. Fine back out to play with lock - nothing. Go back in - microwave some water stick the key in and finally the bugger moves and I can open the door. Success!!

Grab all my stuff throw it in the car, jump in and go to start it - nothing! The damn chip fell out of the key!! The chip has fallen out before and Bill taped it back into the key for me but today you guessed it the tape fell off. So I got out of the car and decided to go back to bed. BUT since I was already dressed I decided to look for the damn small piece of black plastic. After several minutes I finally found that tiny little piece of crap.

Stick it back in the key, start the car up and then proceed to sit there as my windows 'think' about de-fogging.....I did not nickname this car Florida for nothing. Finally I decide to get out of the car and walk around for a bit cause I'm a wee bit irked by it all and sick of staring out of a foggy window. I then notice I left a light on in the house. I think about leaving it but then decide to just take the time and go turn it off - that's when I realize I hadn't locked or even shut the door behind me! I was going to leave for work with the door open and unlocked!

I should have seriously stayed in bed this morning!


So yah that was my morning. What a way to start the day - I don't recommend it! I went out on my lunch hour and looked for de-icer and came back with nothing. After swimming tonight I stopped at Wmart and yup found a bottle for 97 cents. I also found other crap to purchase but meh that's what happens.

Oh and as for the nutriblast update, we made our 2nd one today and oh man I wanted to grab Keith's out of his hand and drink his as well. They tell you not to get in a rut or find on you like and don't keep experimenting - I have to keep this in mind and keep trying all different concoctions.

A'ight my hair is just about dry (swimmin' night with T) so I can head up to bed. The hubby is asleep which is good cause last night he couldn't sleep and he kept me up as well. Here's to a good long night sleep and an easy 'peaceful' morning!

10:11 p.m. - 2013-01-16


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