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Who'd have thunk it?

Okay so itís no surprise that last night when I wrote my entry I was feeling pretty defeated by our financial situation. I felt that the bank appointments hadnít worked there magic like I thought they would. I think I was essentially looking for a miracle and when I walked out of the bank without one I feltÖ..hopeless.

Well, todayís a new day. I went back to the bank on my lunch hour and finished up a bit of business that we couldnít take care of last night then I went back to my desk and just started crunching numbers then something happened. I started to get this feeling springing up inside of meÖ..I kept trying to suppress it as I crunched the numbers but it wouldnít go away, in fact it kept growing. It was HOPE. It was hope for our future. We have a lot of debt to pay back but for the first timeÖ..the first time while keeping it real that I have hope. I am excited yet nervous to take the numbers to Keith and show him tonight what I came up with. Iím nervous because I hope I havenít screwed up the numbers or missed something major that we are paying now. Basically I made us a budget. A strict budget but one that we could actually live on. I even included money to put into a savings account Ė I used to scoff at the financial chick on tv who made her clients do that while they were paying off debt. Why not just put all your money into paying off your debt I used to yell at the tv! Now I get it. If you do that you are screwed when emergencies or house repairs rear there ugly head. You suddenly have to turn back to your credit cards and start the cycle all over again. So I am hopeful. And I am prayingÖ.literally praying that my bubble doesnít burst tonight when I show the hubby the numbers.

ĎShew Ė that was a lot. I also felt sick last night. My head was pounding (before our bank appointment so that wasnít the cause) then after we ate I felt ill. Maybe that was from the bank appointment! Regardless I thought for sure I was getting the damn bug every one and their mother has Ė but I woke up this morning and felt great! I took several Echinacea last night and have continued today. I am quite certain this has helped. Maybe the nutriblast helped as well! It couldnít hurt thatís for sure.

Ugh, Iím at work right now and Iím trying to get used to wearing my headset again for the phones. I gave it up for about a year and um the reasonís not important or rather not important to you but yah I found it more useful to not have it plus my old headset which was awesome had died and since I didnít like the new one I just didnít use it. Rewind a few months ago when I managed to get one of the new headsets which while isnít as good as my old one is good enough so Iím using it again. This is my first week trying it out. I guess itís gotta help my neck though since before I would do that shoulder shrug to hold onto it or just type with one hand which slows you up quite a bit. Weíll see if I can keep using it, itís kind of annoying having it resting against one ear even though itís light and comfy. YesÖ.I would like some cheese with my whine!

7:31 p.m. - 2013-01-18


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