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Is it normal to be sitting at your desk swaddled in a huge sweater with a blanket wrapped around your legs? It is when itís -25 out! Crap on a stick itís cold! My office isnít really that bad but I sit beside a wall of windows so the cold air seeps into your bones. Iím not really complaining though, well while Iím inside anyway Ė stepping outside is another story. I nearly went back inside my house today to get my long johns on! My car started reluctantly and I let it warm up but as I was brushing a bit of snow off the wind was whipping through my pants as if they werenít even there! Oh I hope this cold snap ends soon!

Tonight is our much anticipated Chiro appointments. We havenít been since before x-mas. We are both in bad shape. Although really I could probably fix a lot of my problems with daily yoga! Maybe I will throw in a yoga tape tonight. Normally when Keith is on days I just never get around to doing it but since our living room is still huge (our 2 couches are still beside each other) then I might as well drag up my matt and just stretch it out. Hm maybe tomorrow since probably not the best idea to do it just after an adjustment Ė my body might try to kill me.

So my weekend, all in all I would say two thumbs up. It started out a little shaky. Saturday we did a bit of running around and then somehow my hubby fell into a deep funk. The poor guy was not happy. Just blah. We finally ordered Chinese food from a new place and watched 2 action movies Ė that pulled him out of it. The Chinese food was meh, weíre glad we tried it but weíll stick to our regular place which is a lot closer and has more food for your money. Normally we order a dinner for 2 and have a ton of food Ė this place we ordered a dinner for 3 as we liked the combination better and the food was barely enough! Not right.

My mom arrived Sunday afternoon just as we were finishing up cleaning (good timing!). We had a lovely dinner of seafood linguine and then scrabbled it up for the evening. Fun times. My mom and then went out to breakfast the next morning which is totally decadent and I love it. I'm also extremely full after eating a full breakfast for most of the day!

So I just sent my sil an email and in it I confided to her about the state of our finances. Itís not the first time I have done this. She is truly the only person who knows the whole story Ė or as much of it as I will share cause I know I still hold things back. But it does feel good to talk about it to someone. Iím not sure why she is the one I choose to confide in. Maybe because I donít feel judged. I know my friend C would probably be upset or try and help us Ďfixí the situation and by help I mean badger us with info and with unsolicited advice. As for T Iím not sure why I donít confide in her. I mean I do a little, she knows bits and pieces but I guess I donít want her looking down on Keith. Thatís weird to say but I find a lot of women compare their man with yours. I know Keith let things go a little too long when he was in the bread business but I was right there beside him with my blinders firmly in place ignoring our problems too. But telling my friend this itís going to sound like Iím just being defensive or touchy. PlusÖ.and this I hard to say but in the very beginning when I hooked up with Keith, T sent me this email and it was very bitchy and it was a huge dis about Keith. I forgave her - she begged me to forgive her and for some reason I was in this zen spot and just told her it was okay - but even though I forgave I never forgot. So yah.


The above was written yesterday at work - it's still cold as ass here but I wore a lot of heavy clothes to work so I was good. Tonight is swimmin' with T. Last night I text her while out to dinner with Keith = she responded with 'is Keith working?" I thought it was weird and I read it to Keith and then I think I made him feel bad cause we weren't sure if she was asking cause she didn't want him to be there? So I sent a follow up text about Keith being paranoid she asked that. I put an LOL at the end to not seem so serious. She responded with an apology saying she just thought we'd want to spend time together. Whatever. I'm over it now. I can't control what she thinks or feels. But before we swim we will eat homemade broccoli/cheese soup and fresh homemade bread! Yum!

5:48 p.m. - 2013-01-23


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