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Putting out fires all day is tiring y'all

A HUGE sigh of relief - the house drama is over. I eventually stopped crying after my entry yesterday - I think I really just needed to vent and vent I did! I then got to business...well of having dinner first cause after all that crying I was starving! Then I ran all around the house and found the bills we've opened and shoved aside and even the ones we didn't open but shoved aside (yah we're working on NOT doing that any more).

I managed to get the bills sorted but never did really work on the actual 'finding' of the money to pay for our house woes but by 11pm I was just too tired to care. So off to bed I went. I first left my bedroom door open so I could talk to Keith when he got home but then I realized it was just a bad idea. Why wake myself up to talk to him and have both of us up not being able to sleep? So I shut the door and went to bed. Oh I guess I should mention that when Keith is on nights he sleeps in the spare room cause he doesn't go to bed til 3 or 4am and with my getting up at 6:45 it wouldn't be a pleasant situation.

But around 1:30 I woke up and felt horrible. My nose was stuffed, my throat was huge and my head was pounding. I got up and Keith just happened to be in the kitchen. I then told him about 'the letter'. See, he was convinced that he was right and the City was wrong. He said he'd look into it and call them tomorrow.

So I went back to bed, got up at 6:30 called into work cause I am sick! It's funny I had no voice that early in the morning so I am leaving this croaky message. I went back to bed for another few hours.

Eventually I got up, headed downstairs back to my bills. It was then I noticed weird charges on my Visa statement. The first one was an Expedia charge for approx $1500 and then a refund the next day at $1440. Because it was in US funds I was gyped $60. So I called them. They gave me the run around for a while but then said someone would call me with an answer. I should state I haven't used Expedia in months and this charge was recent. Keith got up then and that's when I noticed other charges on my visa this time without a refund. I talked to Keith about them (we moved certain pre-authorizations to my visa several months ago) but these weren't them. I called the providers and found out someone had set up 2 phone accounts under an assumed name using my visa. That's when the lightbulb finally went on and I called Visa straight away. They have cancelled my current card and are taking care of the fraudulent charges but man oh man talk about freaking me out.

Then we dealt with the house taxes. Finally I picked up the phone and in my croaky voice faced the problem head on. My hubby is a great man but he is not one for facing problems head on. The woman was nice and said they had sent other letters which we never responded to (giving Keith the stink eye when she told me this) but said if we paid a certain amount right now and continued our monthly payments that we have been doing since August then every thing would be okay. I don't think I have ever sighed so much in relief as after that call. We immediately jumped into our bank account and paid the amount. Keith told me before the call that he had miscalculated and the bank was right - yah I sort of figured that out but I didn't rub it in to him. We can either fight about who's right and who should have done what or we can just deal with it. Life is stressful enough without pointing fingers.

So now here I sit, head pounding but quite happy. Our bills are still a huge mountain to overcome but we have a plan and if we can just stick to it then we'll be alright.

Oh the pounding headache? That's cause I'm still sick. It's a weird cold though - I woke up today with a croaky throat but otherwise felt okay. Now at night my head is pounding and I am getting more stuffed up. I am hoping to go to work tomorrow though - it's Friday after all - but I also have a commitment to decorate a hall after work for our staff associaton dinner and dance Saturday night. I volunteered to help and it would look bad if I don't show up! I would feel guilty. Of course they would understand if I was sick but I hate disappointing people. Although I ain't gonna lie I wouldn't be heart broken if I didn't go into work tomorrow! 4 day weekend! Just sayin'.

8:15 p.m. - 2013-01-31


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