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Seriously? Seriously?

If this wasn't my life I would probably be laughing hysterically. So Friday morning I woke up with a HUGE sinus headache and was snotty as all get out. So I made the call in again and went back to sleep. I was woken up at 9am. Yes woken up by Keith sitting beside me staring at me.

"I left you a note to wake me when you left for work."

I then remembered blurrily reading a text from him when I shut off my alarm that morning on my phone about him hurting his knee.

Yup he hurt his knee again. The same knee he had surgery on 2 years ago. Again he did nothing to hurt it, he was walking at work and it cracked and he suddenly couldn't walk on it. Worst timing ever. So I got up and we began to call our doctor's office - it usually takes 10 - 15 minutes til you get through cause the line is constantly busy. We got through only to find out that our doctor is on a 2 month 'medical leave'. He sure does disappear a lot. I hope he's okay though. So we showered a I drove him to the urgent care clinic. It sure is weird sitting in urgent care, coughing and sick and knowing you are not there for yourself. People kept looking at me cause I was obviously not being called in before them - heh.

Anywho Keith told the dr his history and the dr is booking an mri for his knee. He gave him a note for work. Technically Keith should have gone into work cause he can do modified work but since he didn't sleep well and had to get up early to get it checked out I told him not to. It didn't take much convincing. So we had another sick day together. Not ideal or all that fun when you are both sick.

Saturday we went out and bought a used pair of crutches cause I told him it didn't make sense to keep borrowing them! We then went to the bank but it was a zoo and our guy was so busy there was a line up of people to see him. I will have to speak to him this week about some questions about how he set up my new accounts. Now that we are watching our accounts like hawks we are more pro-active. I guess it's a good thing.

We then had lunch out - with a coupon I had cut out - then we came home and took a nap! Yah we slept for nearly 2 hours. Then we got up and a few hours later got dolled up and headed out for my work party - dinner and dance. I had already bought our tickets. Plus because I'm a member at work I get my $20 back at the dinner once I show up - if I'm a no show they keep the money. But I was feeling well enough to go so it wasn't a bad thing to get out. The dj was really good. In previous years we had work people or friends/family of work people do it and it was just - bad. People complained - but this guy - he rocked the joint. He noted what people danced to and would play more of the same. As an ice breaker he played a game that involved everyone standing up around their table and passing a spoon. It was fun. Somehow when I got the spoon that's when he said whoever is holding the spoon has to come to the front - then he gave all 8 of us about 15 seconds to dance 'gangnam style'. It was pretty funny cause a lot of people probably hadn't seen the video and they just 'danced' but oh no not me I did 'the moves' - pretty funny. By appluase it was between me and one other woman and to be fair her department made up half the people so she got a lot of cheers. She didn't dance the gangnam style but did a lot of kicks and whatnot. So then we had a 'dance off' but it was all in fun and at the end we both got a gift card so that was cool.

We stayed til 10 which surprised us both cause Keith couldn't dance but it was a fun atmosphere and I was up on the floor occassionally shaking my groove thing. Fun but we were both tired when we left.

So now here I sit surrounded by a house that needs cleaning. I am about 80% feeling better. We'll see how much I get done today. I am not looking forward to Keith not being able to help out for the next few months. I remember the last time he was out of commission - at least it's not x-mas! But this is his 3rd claim at work so we're a bit worried. All claims were legit and none were lost time so at least there's that. If they can him it will be obvious it's because of the claims. But I don't want to go there. Think positive until I am forced not to!

Okay I am gonna go start breakfast - brunch actually - but regardless there is bacon involved!

10:51 a.m. - 2013-02-03


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