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Worst V-day Ever

So this past weekend felt like way more than 4 days off - that was super nice. What wasn't nice was the start of my long weekend: V-day. I started out driving a friend home after work, that little detour had me coming home half an hour later than normal (she only lives 5 minutes from work but traffic was hell).

So once home the evening just spun out of control. Keith made me a beautiful seafood dinner and I jokingly asked where my gift was and he replied that the meal was my dinner. Um no. It's not that I didn't appreciate it, but a meal is not a gift - for me. And yah I may seem like a witch with a capital B for saying that but it doesn't take much to make me happy and what kills me is that he knows that. A small bouqet of flowers - a scratch card - a small box of chocolates - something! So after that the night just went to a very dark place. We talked about all the stuff we've been sweeping under the rug - children....our future...our finances. Anything that was an issue came up. It was not a pleasant night. Eventually we patched things up but it just wasn't the same. We heated up our untouched meals and ate and then I watched him open his gift - pacman pj's and chocolate bars.

Friday I was home alone and putted around the house getting rid of evidence of V-day. I took down the few decorations I had put up and cleaned and washed the 101 pots and pans it took him to make 'my meal'. Keith came home from work and things were back to normal between us. I went out to walk the track and then pick up dinner while he relaxed at home.

Saturday we ran a few errands and then we went out to a very a nice dinner at a restaurant down the street.

Sunday we got up and I was going to church and might have laid a little guilt to have him come with me. Once back at home I had all these plans - I would go out for a walk to the track and maybe drop some stuff off at a thrift store but then Keith sprung on me that he wanted to take me to Niagara Falls for the night. Now he said it was all part of his master plan so to speak but I think it was mostly due to the craptastic V-day we had. Whatever the reason I was game. I packed us an overnight bag in no time and we hit the road to the Falls.

Once there we had an Awesome time. Although our room had a jacuzzi tub like we asked for, it was totally seperate from the rest of the room. Normally rooms in the Falls have an open concept - some have the tub in the room while others have a half wall seperating it with shutters that you can close if you want privacy. It wasn't to romantic cause it was a tub for one and we had to be by ourselves in the bathroom. I did light candles for my bath but didn't notice when the wax dripped halfway down into the tub itself - whoops. It was a lovely little getaway and just what we needed. It also totally made up for the worst valentine's ever.

7:31 p.m. - 2013-02-19


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