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A new life....and then a bunch of crap

Ugh Ugh Ugh. Positivity is not on my list today. I remember the good ol' days when I would whip off an update and it was just every day stuff - I miss that.

Life is not good in our the ol' casa lately. The minor stuff is I have a stupid cold. Not a big deal - it's moved down into my chest which leaves me wheezing at night and being unable to sleep - that was last night. Tonight I am gonna overdose on sleepy cold meds so I can sleep through the wheezing and go to work tomorrow.

We had my mom's b-day this past weekened, it was sort of a surprise which my dad always does but then he ended up telling her the night before and they explained why. It's been 1 year since my uncle passed away and my mom is emotional and wasn't sure how she would feel celebrating her b-day (he actually passed away on her b-day but was found a few days later). Luckily she had a good time with the family and was glad we had a party for her.

So now on to the rest of the ugh news. Keith is having a helluva time - today he got a call telling him his claim for his knee was denied. I knew it would happen. How did I know? Well they are my employer. Yah I work at THAT place. I know the ins and outs of that place and I could feel in my bones that it wouldn't get approved. So now we have to fight it. Huge sigh. I just finished writing a full page letter asking them to at least get Keith an MRI so they know WHAT they are denying. Nice to know they are denying an injury that they never even clarified. God I wish I could go on but I refuse to let that place raise my blood pressure....especially when I am not working!

Now our future is going to be so uncertain because we are both 100% sure that as soon as his employer finds out the claim is denied they will find a reason to fire him asap or at least not renew his contract when it comes up. Now I know a small part of Keith really wants to get fired - well he wants to leave that place desperately. We were talking alternative places to work on the weekend and he is serious but I just wish he would get his knee fixed first before he finds another job. What place is gonna hire a worker who is limping around??

So yah I am living on the edge of a nervous breakdown or so it seems. We took a step to get our finances in order and I am not proud to admit I let the ball drop - oh we are paying our bills but I'm not monitoring them like I said I would. But with that said, maybe all this hardwork will be for naught if Keith leaves/gets fired from his job. I can't even let my mind go there right now.

Actually this entry has put me in the mood to go grab the new book I bought for tracking purposes of our finances and put pen to paper. I have to start somewhere and even if we get thrown off track or God forbid lose half an income we will deal with it as it comes! I guess I should throw in one piece of good news - T had her baby!! She had her March 1 - a month early! It was a little girl! The baby is still in the hospital and T is staying there too so she can breastfeed and get her little one healthy enough to bring home. Hopefully that will be soon!

4:52 p.m. - 2013-03-05


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