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So I was just playing around on d-land something I haven't done in a while - oh I come here daily to see if anyone has updated - but I mean playing with settings etc and just for a lark I went into my notes section and I blow me over with a feather I had notes from people! For some stupid reason stupid d-land wasn't sending me a notification to my email address and of course I never think to go in and just check. Today I just happened to click on it by mistake. So um anyone who sent me a message...thanks and sorry for ignoring you!!! I will now check that damn notes section every so often!

So I had a pretty good weekend. Saturday I woke up around 9, showered and sat around waiting for the hubby to get up. He slept in the other room cause his leg is killing him and he can't move around if we're both in the bed - it sucks big time but I'm trying to be supportive. When it was almost noon I thought I better check to see if he was dead so I woke him up. Turns out he had been up til 4am as he couldn't sleep. I do believe part of it is pain but I think another part is also a form of anxiety. He says he doesn't feel anxious but I know he's worrying abour our future. He also got himself worked up Friday cause he had another convo with his adjudicator and then her manager.

I finally sat down and told him that he has to let this go. Yes he can still fight the denial of his claim but he has to let go of the negativity and focus on the positive - maybe getting out of this employer he has hated with a passion is a blessing in disguise. Maybe if he opens himself up something great will come from this. But of course I didn't put it as eloquently as I am now. I rambled and probably didn't make sense but hopefully he will let go off putting all his energy into fighting his claim and concentrate on getting healed and finding a better job.

We went out for lunch using a group on I had bought a while ago so lunch was free. Then cause the sun was shining we took a drive and made it to the outskirts of T dot where we went to some favourite haunts. As we were gonna head back we saw red lights on the 401 and clicked on the traffic report turns out a tractor trailer had just rolled over and was blocking all lanes. Hmph. So no going home for us! Instead we went to Ikea. We had grand dreams of stuff we would like to buy but left there a few hours later spending under $20 - not bad!

We finally made it home - had to take the detour route for some of it cause they were still clearing the roads after several hours.

We watched some tv then headed to bed - me around 1am and who knows how late Keith stayed up. He's gonna have to break himself of that schedule stat. I got up this morning at 9-ish and decided to go to church - I had just enough time to shower and dress. Church was pretty uplifting which is always nice. A lot of singing.

Afterwards we had to do a quick grocery shop cause we needed bread for our turkey sandwiches and then it turned into a shop for the week so lunch was delayed. After that Keith headed out to look at my car which has a squeaky wheel - we are guessing breaks (ugh). We took it for a car wash - waited 35 minutes in line - then we decided since it was after 7 we should grab a bite to eat - we stopped at our favourite pub to find it packed to the gills with people in green. Oops St Patty's Day!

We sat down, looked around, waited several minutes then decided to leave. We were hungry - not thirsty. So we drove to another favourite restaurant that isn't a pub! Much better.

Now here we sit, doing laundry and getting ready for the week ahead. I have a 4 day work week to look forward to which is nice and I'm supposed to go to T's and spend time with her and her little one!! I cannot wait!

A'ight the washer stopped gotta go!

8:35 p.m. - 2013-03-17


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