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Well this weekend hasn't gone exactly as planned! A few days ago Keith came down with a stomach virus of some sort. Basically since Wednesday he has had a fever, stomach cramps, nausea and non stop running to the loo'. Saturday morning we woke up and I was ready to go to the Syrup festival but he was in no shape or form to do so. I cancelled with T and then decided what the heck I could go by myself and meet T and her fam there. C was out as she can't leave her dog alone for the day because he hurt himself. So I shower, dress and drive off by myself. The drive there was slow and torturous as I remembered. The festival was packed because it was a beautiful day which meant it took me forever to meet up with T. There was no walking only shuffling. But we all shuffled along and stood in crazy long lines for food. T had her baby who after one feeding was an angel and slept the rest of the time. They also had her step daughter who was good, her biggest issue was not being able to hold T's hand as much as she wanted - not a bad problem to have in a kid! T'm mom was there and stood in line 45 minutes to get a turkey leg and was the happiest person I've ever seen. A little while after that they all decided to leave so I said goodbye and wandered the festival by myself for another hour looking at the booths that I hadn't got a chance to see. I was good and didn't spend any money on stuff I didn't need. After some french fries I found my car and headed home via a back way I discovered!

Once home I....well I didn't feel right. I decided to lay down and my stomach began to heave and ho. Keith came up and was concerned as I was burning up. He gave me some pills and left me alone to try and sleep. Within 10 minutes I was running for the washroom and broke my decade long puking record. I seriously cannot remember the last time! But I did feel a bit better after that. Keith suggested I keep laying down so I did and I fell asleep instantly - it was around 8pm. At 11 I was woken up by this 'boom boom boom' noise. I tried ignorning it but could not. I got up and looked out my window a neighbour 3 doors down were outside laughing and talking with the boom boom boom in the background - ugh. So I was up.

I got up and eventually had some toast and it seemed to sit 'ok'. I stayed up for about an hour and then we both headed to bed.

So today I'm not sure what the heck that was all about? Was the food I ate too rich at the festival? Food poisoning? I guess today I will find out when I try and eat something. Keith is still suffering the affects of his stomach virus. His stomach is bloated and hard and whenever he eats something he gets cramps.

Sure hope my issues are over! I also hope I can be productive today as we're having a house guest this Thursday and there's some stuff I wanted to get done this weekend.

Okay I think shall go and maybe see what my stomach can handle and go catch up on Cdn big brother.

8:14 a.m. - 2013-04-07


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