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Maybe Spring fever? I donít know but I do ramble a lot

Nothing like sitting and waiting for it to rain. I wanted to walk on my lunch hour today but the weather network was forecasting rain all morning. Nothing. Nada. Now 20 minutes before my lunch it has begun to rain Ė of course.

Let me just say what happened in Boston was horrible and disgusting. It just boggles the mind that there are people out there with the intent to live and breath hurting others. Sick mother effers.

Before that happened there was a story out about the Biebís and how he wrote in A Frankís book about how he hoped she would be a belieber or what have you. People got so up in arms about this comment that I swear I stared at my tv screen slack jawed that people even care about this let alone made sure to go online and rant about how terrible JB is. Heís effin 19 years old and it was an innocent comment that yah maybe had a little ego to it but for the love of God people do they not remember being 19!! I cannot even conceive being 19 and in the spotlight. I look back at my journals and I was a wicked mess of hormones and the world was all about ME ME ME MEMEMEMEMEMEME! Yah it kind of still is about me but back then boy howdy I went through a million emotions in the span of 19 seconds. The fact that people like the beibs and taylor hold it together is amazing in my opinion.

Wow who knew I had that little rant in me? Maybe itís because JBís Canadian and lived 30 minutes from me but I donít like how people just want to be haters and find an issue with everything that comes out of that boysí mouth.

So my husband had his interview today. I amÖ..I donít know what I am. I have so many mixed emotions about it. Do I want him to get the job? Donít I? Ugh. I worry about so many things. I am trying to get myself to just STOP worrying about the what-ifs and just chill out and let whatís gonna happen happen. The interview went ok he said and he did tell them about his leg and maybe upcoming surgery. I think that will work against him. Which again good thing? Bad thing? See I want him to work again but I want him to find a job that is fulfilling and working in a thrift store probably wonít be. I also think he has so much potential. ButÖ.butÖ..just stop thinking about it! Letís wait to see if he gets a call before Saturday or not. Pins and needles.

I went to give blood last night after work. Rejected. Low Iron. Hm hasnít been low in a while. Well Iím always borderline but normally I just limp pass the bare minimum. Itís kind of odd too cause Iíve been eating more greens the last few months than I ever have. What gives? I would ask my doctor but you know still off on his medical leave! Iím thinking of going and trying iron pills on my own. Maybe talk to the pharmacist. I know itís not something they recommend but if I am consistently low or bare minimum doesnít that mean something?? Shoulda became a doctor!

Last night the husband turned off the tv and took me for a walk! Yah I didnít even particularly want to go cause I had sore calves from walking at lunch but I ainít gonna turn down spending one on one time with the hubs Ė interacting and all! Plus I love love love to go walking in the evenings especially with him.

Iím feeling itchy right now. Not as in I got an itch to scratch but more like Iím itching to do Ďsomethingí. Hard to explain. I sort of have this niggling feeling of wanting to write Ė I had like a glimmer of an idea earlier that would be fun to write. I also have this overwhelming feeling to go home and take out every single piece of clothing I own and go through them and toss what should be tossed. Now that I know will never happen unless all the planets align and even then it would have to be a nice springish day in which the windows would be wide opening, music would be blaring throughout the house (tv in the background encourages me to lay down and not move for hours at a time) and I would have to have like a gallon of caffeine running through my veins. Even then it would be a daunting task cause I own a shit load of clothes and I am that idiot that has sentimental attachment to some and the Ďsomedayí I will fit into these pants dangit! It probably doesnít help that I have caffeine flowing through my veins right now which normally I donít have Ė I usually have afternoon tea to avoid this burst of energy that trust me will fade out before I get home to put pen to paper or fling open the windows and begin to go through every piece of fabric I own.

PlusÖ.you knowÖ.itís not really spring like weather at the moment.

8:13 p.m. - 2013-04-16


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