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Surgery....or no surgery....

It's funny we had our chiro appointment today and I kind of thought I was doing a-ok and that the adjustment would be minimal. Boy was I wrong. Apparently my whole left side was out of whack. She even had to crack my neck something she rarely does cause it squigs me out. Afterwards I start to think back and realize that I *have* been pretty uncomfortable sitting in my chair at work and I am constantly fidgeting in my chair. I guess I get so used to being uncomfortable that I don't even notice it anymore!

So the 2nd Shower on Sunday went over pretty good. I showed up at the same time as T and her brood. My sil was running about 45 minutes late as she had to stop and feed little Sam once. The hostess was intent on getting the Shower onward. She even tried to get T to open her presents within the first half hour of us arriving. I grabbed the present out of T's hands and told her we were waiting for my sil. I mean seriously, the girl was driving almost 3 hours to attend this pitiful Shower the least we could was wait for her to watch the opening of the presents!

But once she arrived all was well. I got to play with Sam which is WAY more fun than holding little C. No offense but an 8 month old is way more fun than a newborn! Sam is crawling now - well army crawling anyway! He then tries to stand but doesn't quite grasp that if he lets go of whatever he's holding onto he will fall over! This is why I want to wrap kids in bubble wrap!

After the Shower which surprisingly ran longer than I thought it would my sil came back to my house. Sam fell asleep on the car ride over so I hopped into her car and we drove around for a while to let him nap. Then we came back and Keith had dinner ready for us. My sil left around 8:30. It was cool visiting with her like that.

Everyone at work is getting sick again. Everyone. And it's this loud barking cough. Horrible. I seriously want to wear a mask to work it's that bad. I am praying - for real - that I don't get sick again. My manager has it and one other person on my team so it's already infilitrated our little team.

I kind of feel like my throat is a bit sore but I don't know if I'm just 'thinking' that because I know sickness is going around or if it's real. I better start thinking healthy thoughts!

So I self diagnosed myself with low iron and am taking my iron pills once again. They are kind of over the counter - you have to ask the pharmacisst for it but you don't need a prescription. Here's hoping for some major iron boosting! It's almost been a week and I have noticed a small difference in how I feel - fatigue wise. It's not as instantaneous as it was last time since my doctor had me taking 3 a day but I am only going to do 1 a day. It sure would be nice if my doctor came back to his practice soon.

So Keith saw his surgeon today. He gave him 2 choices - surgery or no surgery. With no surgery you just basically hopes it get better. Um no. He's going for the surgery again. He will get a call in a week or so with a date - probably booking for June. I told him to watch it will probably be the week I booked off in June! Fun vacation for me!

Originally we had planned on taking another trip like we did with Chicago last year. The destination being tossed around this year? Boston. Yah that's not gonna happen now. Nothing to do with the bombs at all - but all due to the lack of funds and him being unemployed! Staycation it is! It sucks though not being able to make any plans due to not knowing when his surgery is etc. I know this isn't going to last forever - but it sure feels like it!

Alright even griping time to go and enjoy what's left of this evening!

7:43 p.m. - 2013-04-23


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