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Written a couple days ago....

So last night after posting my entry, I brought up my entry like I normally do Ė I almost always look at my post just to make sure it came up cause Iím paranoid like that. Then normally I close it and continue on my way. Well last night I decided to click on the Ďrandomí button for shits and giggles. Then I ended up clicking on it for like half an hour! I loved reading random entries spanning a decade! I usually ended up laughing at some of the inane things I wrote but I am so so glad I wrote them. Then because I was still in D-land I clicked on my notes feature and scrolled through those. Holy hell did I miss so many notes cause stupid wonderful d-land wasnít sending me updates every time someone contacted me! I kind of feel like a huge heel for not responding to some that obviously warranted a response. So hereís where I say a big olí SORRY for anyone who has ever left me a message and I didnít respond. Trust me if I knew I would have responded. I love connecting with people and even if itís a brief chat we have via notes or it turns into a few emails I love chatting with people Iíve never met but who know me quite well! Not sure if this is coming out right but I sure did enjoy going down memory lane last night and maybe it will prompt me to hit that Ďrandomí button a little bit more in the future.

So it was a tough week. I had to work 5 whole days. I hadn't done that in 3 weeks! But I soldiered through it and made it through today quite well.

It's gonna suck only having 2 days off though! What a short weekeknd!

We have a lot to pack into this 2 day weekend though. I made a to-do list and Keith even added to it! Progress. Tomorrow is all the running around and we have dedicated Sunday to 'tax day'. Ugh. Taxes. Not looking forward to those but the deadline is nigh.

I organized the bills some more tonight. Keith and I are keeping up with our new billing system - even with one income basically. I am SO glad we are both on board with this. Once he gets his knee fixed and can get back on the working bandwagon we can delve into seriously paying off the bills again. Until then we keep our heads above water and slowly pay everything off. The turtle always wins the race right?

Oh and one last thing before I go. What would I do without fb? Yesterday I learned that my sil (Keith's sister) was pregnant again. Ah yes good ol' fb! *snicker*

9:28 p.m. - 2013-04-26


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