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What the blip?

Oh I got the wanderlust real bad! Wait am I using that word right? Whatev, the weather is warming up and I have this Huge yearning to get away for a weekend or a few days. Now granted I am going away this weekend but itís to visit family and probably do a lot of slave work since thereís a huge event at my dadís church and there will be chaos and lugging of many heavy things involved. So no, itís not my idea of a Ďgetawayí. I just saw on one of those deal websites a cabin for 2 nights at a reasonable price and I desperately want to throw my credit card at it. But I canít. It may just be killing me not to do it. But I know if I even bring it up with the hubs he will be the first to poo-poo it. He will be all responsible and tell me things like we canít afford it and we still donít know his surgery date (what the hell would the doctor call already!!). Ugh. Being grown up sucks donkey balls sometimes.

Iíve decided I need the hubby to get a job for the sanity of our marriage. See, he is home alone all day and sure under ideal conditions (ie not a forced unemployment) he might be a happier person. But lately I get home and he is like Eeyore and depresses the hell out of me and then he tells me how tired HE is and meanwhile Iím the one who got my ass up before 7am and goes to work for 8 hours forced to sit in a cubicle and WORK and yah Iím not gonna lie it can get ugly sometimes. I donít want to throw it in his face that hello Iím the breadwinner right now and yah you are tired from doing crap around the house but you also sit down and rest and watch tv for a few hours a day while I donít have that luxury. Deep breath. So yah he was a much happier person when he was a financial contributor to this household. I have to remind myself more than I would like that this isnít his fault. We will get through this and it will be another blip in our lifeline.

.......and then tonight happened - after complaining about the above we got along like sunshine and roses tonight!

I started on the switching of the seasonal clothes tonight - fun! Not. I decided to try something I read somewhere about hanging your clothes hangers backwards so that way you can see how often you wear your clothes. Once you wear the clothes you rehang them the otherway so you can tell if you rarely (or never) wear certain clothes. I hope it encourages me to wear different clothes cause I have a LOT of shirts but I tend to wear the same ones over and over.

A'ight time to go and spend a little time with the man sitting on the couch beside me.

9:23 p.m. - 2013-04-30


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