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My head is still in a weird place after yesterday’s talk with the husband. For him to bring up having a Baby was huge. It’s always been me initiating the conversation. I should stress that he doesn’t want me losing weight for any other reason except reasons for health and well being. We know the battle we are facing with my health issues (diabetes, high blood pressure and POC). My philosophy is this – we will do our best to prepare – we will try to get pregnant and if we can’t…..well then it wasn’t meant to be. It sucks but life sometimes does. It wasn’t ideal meeting my husband so late and then getting married in our 30’s. But it doesn’t mean I’m not nervous as hell at the prospect of all this.

Time to ramp the exercise into high gear and get on that healthy eating kick! It will help that Keith is the one who suggested this since he’s the one who plans and cooks our meals. He can how do I say make some pretty heavy meals but he said he will do this with me (he is far from fat but he can stand to lose a few pounds) so that will be nice. Just cutting out his evening chocolate bar habit will probably be enough for him!

We have also decided to keep this on the down low. No telling friends or family. I was behind this before he even suggested it! No point in getting people’s hopes up etc. I know my parents would be Over the moon if we got pregnant. It was weird cause after we spoke of it Keith kept looking at me – I can’t really explain it. He just sort of kept giving me glances – maybe even he couldn’t believe he suggested it! While in church yesterday morning there was this point where he was holding my hand and suddenly he just started to lightly rub it – for a while. Man am I ever explaining this bad! Normally if we clasp hands one of us will run our thumb lightly over the person’s hand for like a moment or two and then that’s it but yesterday it was this sort of intense thing. Or maybe I’m just reading too much into this gesture?

So the weekend overall was pretty good. We drove up to my parents Friday afternoon – we helped with the rest of the set up for the church yard sale. It filled the gym completely this year. It was mostly done but there was still hours left of work – we didn’t leave there til almost 10pm. Saturday after less than 4 hours sleep my dad was back out again. Keith and I got at least 7 and we were back out to the church to help out any way we could. My brother and sil arrived and I helped watch the 2 boys with the help of this VERY annoying 12 year old girl. Her name is a season so I will call her Fall. This kid would not unhand my 8 month old nephew and at first I tried to be ‘adult’ about it and let her take the kid out of my hands whenever she wanted but then it got to the point where I would pick him up and she would run over and coo at him and make a grab for him. Nuh-uh auntie ain’t playing that way and I told her so! Mr D asked her to play with him and she said no so after that it was gloves off. You do NOT ignore my other nephew! After refusing to give a toy, I finally laid it on the line with her, “listen you are 12, he is 3 - GIVE him the baby toy piano.” Yah the girl was on my last nerve by the end of the day I’m not gonna lie. I really hope I wasn’t that annoying when I was her age – ah who am I kidding I was sought after as a babysitter at her age and let’s just say no parent in their right mind would leave their child with this girl, her mentality is not of her age.

So yah after running back to the house to change for the evening performance real quick, we gobbled some cold pizza for dinner and then it was show time. My brother and sil did Amazing – they are such good singers – my only regret is not taping their performance – it was that good! The main act I cannot say the same. It was a Patsy Cline performer and the music was too loud and her mic had this weird reverb thing going on so you couldn’t understand half of what she was saying. It was still a fun night. My sil left early to get home to the kids, my brother almost had to spend the night cause he couldn’t find his bag with the car keys in it. My sil text him later that she had put the bag in his vehicle and since one of the doors don’t lock then he was able to get to it.

Sunday was church and the intense hand holding thing described above. Then it was lunch at the Chinese restaurant which was chaotic with a 3 year old and 8 month old. The 8 month old was super tired by the end and of course fighting sleep. He was fidgeting beyond belief in Keith’s arms so I took him and just rocked him lightly for a few minutes – suddenly he gave this HUGE yawn and his head just thunked onto my shoulder and he was out cold. Not gonna lie, it was pretty damn cool. Holding him for the next 15 minutes….a little less cool. The last few yards to the car I had to have Keith take him before my arms fell off!

After that we all said goodbye, Keith and I finished packing up the car and then drove home. I called to say we got home and finally got a chance to say hi to my mom who was away all weekend at a conference.

We will be going to my parents 3 out of the 4 weekends this month! Crazy I say crazy!

8:46 p.m. - 2013-05-06


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