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Let the long wknd shenanigans begin!

Hm I didn't think my last update was so long ago! But I guess now that I think about it, I have written several entries and either deleted them or saved them in my drafts folder. I didn't delete them while writing here, I write them at work then at the end of the day I delete them cause they don't seem interesting - at all.

Or I save it in my drafts folder - I should probably go check that folder!

So it's the long weekend! I have 5 days off in a row which is damn sweet. But I am dang tired getting ready for it!

We are heading out tomorrow to T's to camp out in their back yard. Lame. I know. But it's free. We will put up our small tent which has just enough room for an air mattress - have a bonfire that evening and a few bevvies. Then we will come home Sunday - shower and change and then grab our other packed bag and head out for a road trip! I have no idea where as Keith is keeping it a secret. I'm okay with that. Packing was tough but I always pack too much anyway!

I just finished packing for us and I am exhausted. Of course I also did a million other things while packing so that's probably why.

Today we went out and got fishing licences (well Keith got his yesterday - he couldn't get mine cause he needed my height). I went along with it cause even though I don't fish I will probably try but if it gets Keith out of the house on a nice day I am all for it!

After doing the licence thing I dropped him off and went and picked up his b-day present. It's hard to do it secretly since we are together ALL the time. So he knew what I was up to but whatevs. I plan on giving him most the stuff on his b-day next Thursday and taking him out for dinner at a Chinese buffet cause he looooves those and it's been forever since he's been to one. I saved one of the best gifts for the wknd we go to my parents. Good times.

A'ight I am getting the evil eye - time for bed! I always think we are ready for going away until we go to pack the car - aye yia yia!

Here's hoping this 5 day weekend feels super long!!!!!

11:17 p.m. - 2013-05-17


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