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It is 8:45 am and boy howdy is it gonna be long day. I know I slept last night but you would never be able to tell with how much yawning I am doing right now. Granted I had a hard time falling asleep and then I woke up an hour or so before my alarm and slept poorly during that time. Yup back to the grind.

So I covered the big stuff last night now I can add all the stuff I forgot to write about! Like how I somehow at the start of the weekend while at Tís cracked a toenail right down the centre! I have no idea how I did it but the only thing I can think of is that when I first got to their place their dog was jumping all around super excited to see me (she even peed on the floor) and I remember her prancing up and down pretty much on me so if one of her sharp claws sliced me I probably wouldnít have felt it right away. Thatís my theory anyway. So yah band-aid on that toe the whole weekend and even now. Itís pretty disgusting to look at.

On our way home yesterday we made several detours and stopped randomly which I love. Turns out if we had left after checking out we would have been driving along the highway at the exact time a fatal collision happened. Someone crossed the centre line and there was a head on crash. 1 person died. By the time we were travelling along the highway that part of the road was closed and we had to detour. Thank goodness we love to dawdle!

We did quite a bit of shopping (for us) this weekend. Of course the majority was in liquidation stores and thrift stores but we still managed to spend quite a bit. We bought ourselves a pool! Now it isnít big but itís not a kiddie pool either. We have to be careful cause of the township guidelines about pools. We donít have a fenced in yard so we have to keep the pool below a certain size. But I am so psyched! My favourite thing to do when itís hot is to dip into water and cool off! Then once cooled down, go and sit with a good book Ė rinse and repeat!

I also found an Amazing swimsuit at 2 different thrift stores. At the first I found the cute flouncy skirt bottom that looks like whoever bought it never wore it cause it is in pristine condition. Then the top part I found at another store and this was definitely brand new as the tags were on with the original price. Itís from my big girl shop so I know how pricy it is. Now the thrift store was out for money cause it wasnít all that cheap but omg the top fit me so well and it looks so good on me (I rarely say that about any kind of clothing) that I could NOT not buy it! I was on such a high after that purchase that Iím sure my poor husband thought that I had lost it!

Well now it's 9:21pm. I just got back from an evening walk - I asked the hubs if he wanted to come but he said no, I did not try and convince him. Why? I stopped on the way back from my walk and got a giant cupcake (2) for his b-day tomorrow. I figured it's better than buying a whole cake which I'm sure he'd love to eat most of anyway but I think a giant well made cupcake is probably the better route. I also wrapped all his presents tonight. I hope he likes them! Of course nothing was done in secret cause it's hard to say I'm going to disappear upstairs in our bedroom for half an hour and tell him not to bother me - heh.

A'ight I am gonna post this, and then go and change for bed. I so so hope I can fall asleep at a decent hour tonight - this ol' bod needs it's sleep!
I am so glad T cancelled swimming for tonight!

9:18 p.m. - 2013-05-22


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