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It's bedtime but I wrote this a few days ago and if I don't post it now it will go in the 'delete' folder:

Itís only the first few days of June and already I feel like Iím treading water just to get through it and on to July which holds the promise of a lot of fun plus my week of vacation. Horrible I know. It doesnít help that we are living in Autumn temps right now. I am putting on a sweater on my way out the door. Wrong totally wrong.

Iím not liking my outfit today. A red peasant type top that I bought at some thrift store several months ago. It doesnít fit right Ė I think it will be going back in the donation pile once I take it off tonight. I gave it a chance at least.

I feel bad I am in this concentrated reading zone right now. I get home and Iím either reading this blog (you know how I start from the very beginning) or this book that started out slow but has now captured my full attention. The reason I feel bad is that my poor husband is home alone all day sans company and in the evenings I am a mute lump sitting in the corner reading words rather than speaking them. Although last night it might have worked to my advantage Ė he was bored so he went to collect the garbage up and that turned into a complete cleaning out of our fridge Ė I mean he took out shelves any everything. Itís a thankless sweaty job that I have done many many times. He claims to have done it 2 or 3 times (since weíve lived here) but Iím pretty sure this is his first time tearing the shelves out to clean them. The end result was a wickedly clean fridge so Iím not complaining!

Maybe tonight I will put down the written word and leave the laptop closed and just spend some quality time with the hubs. We have our chiro appointment after work so that means our semi date night Ė instead of dinner and a movie itís chiro and dinner out! Cheap night out especially since we get the money back for the chiro with my benefits and dinner is on a gift card!


Finished the book - not the ending I was envisioning cause you know the main character died! Some love story! Although I still told Keith to download the movie cause the stupid last paragraph was hauntingly beautiful and yes I can't believe I wrote that - but it's true.

A'ight to bed I go!

10:32 p.m. - 2013-06-05


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