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So I woke up this morning thinking….bare your soul to the internet much? Okay not those exact words but I may have had a few moments of regret that I just spewed it all out there – even though that’s what my diary is for. I guess part of me feels like it’s not my story to tell as I’m not the one who’s depressed but then at the same time I’m the one living with a depressed person. His mood affects mine whether I like it or not.

Then I realized I should probably clarify that even though I say Keith’s been depressed for months it’s not….how do I say this….it’s not a constant thing or at least if it is he hides it well. He just has more down days then I would like – it makes me concerned that he’s not happy. And I seem, again, to be doing the wrong thing. I keep ‘pestering’ him to share his concerns with me or at least try and let me help him. I was doing that yesterday when I got home from work. I was urging him to share what’s bothering him. Then I backed off. He was still not quite right but as the night went on I watched his mood lift which lifted MY spirits. We had dinner and then watched some of our shows then I went off to do some chores (maybe he was happy about that) and then when I rejoined him later on we watched a show on the discovery channel and I didn’t bury my head in my laptop. I went to bed feeling a lot better last night. If only it was that easy to fix eh?


So I was supposed to be out getting a hair cut and having dinner with T tonight but about 2 hours before our tee up time she text me freaking out. Apparently her babe rolled off the couch when she wasn't there. I'm still not 100% sure of the details but T was super freaked even though the babe seemed okay. I guess she called her hubby who raced home and they took her to the emergency department. I mean I can't really blame her cause she's a new mom but.....yah. I heard from her a few hours later that the babe was a-ok. I will have to get the full story from her tomorrow night.

Just like I have to get the full story from C on Friday night.....she may be adopting a 1 year old boy....soon.


9:02 p.m. - 2013-06-19


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