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Oh Canada...our home and native land

Needless to say long weekends rule! So why am I sitting here on a long weekend on my laptop and not out having fun? Pacing myself. Hm maybe typing with 'almost' dry fingernails wasn't such a good thing - guess I'll find out! I painted them red with white crackle. Just waited for that to dry so I can add a topcoat - oh the humanity.

We do have stuff planned - yesterday was hopefully going to be a beach day but the weather so did no co-operate. It actually FLOODED in parts of my town - at the mall mostly - water past the tires on trucks - insane. Keith and I were out thrift store shopping and then home to rest for a bit before T, her mom and little one dropped by for a visit. The babe is getting so big as babies are want to do. Cute as a button with her gummy smile.

A few hours after they left we were sitting around debating about dinner we finally settled on the hole in the wall noodle place we like. I have become less enchanted with the dish I normally get (we go there maybe 4 times a year). The noodles were mushy and the actual meat etc was lacking. Not impressed. They wouldn't care if I complained they are beside 2 major universities so they get students galore even though the place is too scuzzy to eat in.

Anywho we then watched the movie with jim carrey and steve carell - the magic one - total crap - I couldn't even really chuckle through it.

Today we will probably head out about 1 and make our way to ribfest in T dot and then once we are done there we will eventually make our way to S's when she gets off work and then we will all head down via ttc to the Exhibition to hang out and eventually see fireworks - weather dependant.

Sunday S took the day off work to go to the Pride parade but we're not interested in going (been there took pictures) so we'll head home to relax. I'm hoping Keith will want to go to the beach Monday but I know it will be insanely busy so who knows if we will want to make the effort. But so far it's the only for sure nice day we're supposed to have this long wknd.

Keith put our small pool up in the backyard. It's been too rainy to even go and look at it. Hopefully next week I can make use of it when the weather goes back up to insanely hot temps.

Mkay gonna go and slap on a topcoat for these nails.

Keith is doing better - thankfully - which means we are doing better. Next Wednesday is his surgery.

11:47 a.m. - 2013-06-29


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