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Meeting the big cheese

Written yesterday:

A Rainy Friday. Instant flash back to one of my favourite books as a kid: Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Rainy Day Circus. That was a good book.

Anywho Keithís surgery went swimmingly. We had to be there 3 hours early (wth?) and did a LOT of sitting and waiting. He did go into surgery half an hour early so that was a bonus. I was less worried this time then I was the first time he had it done. I had a bite to eat at Timís and then went to the waiting room and read my kobo til my buzzer went off telling me my table was ready...I mean he was back in the little cubicle. He was a bit groggy but then totally fine and then totally hungry (he hadnít eaten for 14 hours or so). I stopped along the way home to get him food then set him up in the basement with food, water and tv while I went outside to finally enjoy the sunshine and take a dip in my tiny pool for the first time. The pool is pretty small but big enough for me to dunk which is really all I need. I dunked when I got hot then settled back in my lounger chair and read for an hour or so. Oh the lounger chair. Iíve had this chair for man maybe 10 yearsÖ.no probably 15! I bought it and then bought a huge cushy cushion for it. The cushion was $80 back then. Both are still in great condition! I donít think you can find a cushion that well made these days. But the chair has taken a beating the last few years cause it was left outside which is fine cause itís plastic but this summer wasps began to build nests and moss was growing on it. I scrubbed that sucker for over an hour a few days ago and it is gleaming and white and those damn wasps will have to find somewhere else to go! Now all I need is to set up a little table beside my chair oh and find my clip on umbrella for the chair and I will be laughing this summer!


Saturday! Well it's Saturday afternoon and I'm waiting for the grey clouds with their tiny raindrops to pass on by. Last night my sil text that they might be in the area and asked if we wanted to meet them at chuck-e-cheese. Little D really wanted to go and since they don't have one where they live they said yes. The kid nearly lost his mind while he was in there. But then when it came time to meet the head cheese he was all shyness and would not get close. I got some cute pics. It was fun seeing the fam if only for a couple hours. They then continued on to visit her brother and his wife.

Keith was maybe expecting his friend today. I am kind of upset about it cause I don't want him to be disappointed but this friend is like that. He doesn't make solid commitments. He also lived out of the province and was just moving back when they made these plans for him to come over this weekend. We left a note on the door saying when we'd be back with my cell # - hopefully I don't get any prank calls! But he wasn't here when we got back. I doubt he will come. I'm not gonna talk about it though to Keith. We did a bunch of running around last night filling the propane tank, picking up wood chips all to smoke some meat for his friend coming over. Well jokes on him cause he won't get to eat the tasty tasty meat!

A'ight I hope the clouds have passed now. I am going to venture outside and read my book. I can't find my little umbrella so I guess I just have to be careful and not get burned!

2:52 p.m. - 2013-07-06


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