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A case of the Munday's on a Tuesday

The first day back at work. They should make it mandatory that we only have to work half a day Ė itís too much of a shock to your system going from total relaxationÖ.toÖ.wellÖwork! My vacation was in one word Wonderful. Oh it had its moments of frustration (hello driving in Toronto rush hour!) and I also had a significant lack of sleep on this vacation due to vacationing with 2 little munchkins who managed to sleep in til 7:45 one morning. Now granted I didnít have to get up when they did but once I was awake and heard them rattling around I wanted to get up and spend time with them. But besides that the weather couldnít have been better. It was really the best week of the summer so far so I mean it when I say I felt truly lucky and blessed to have such a great week off.

Hi-lites include coming down at breakfast one morning to find Little D watching some cartoons. He had apparently eaten his breakfast (nibbled) but as soon as I sat down with my bowl of cereal he was right beside me mouth open asking for a bite. Before I knew it the spoon was in his hand and he was shovelling my cereal in his mouth! I let him eat it as the kid is a finicky eater so watching him eat something good for him I was okay with it. After he left, I poured myself another bowl of cereal!

> Floating on my red raft while the kids napped and everyone was off doing something or other. I had my book in the water Ė thatís when paper books beat e-readers - and just blissed out for like an hour reading and floating in the sunshine and water. I spent so much time outside that I have a pretty nice Ďtaní. Tan for me that is. Iíll never look lovely and brown itís just not in my colouring. But itís close enough for me and Iíll take it.

> Playing cranium always is laugh inducing but pretty much playing any game with my brother makes me almost pee my pants. It didnít hurt that my sister in law drank a whole bottle of wine by herself one night so she was pretty punchy and entertaining.

Iím sure there are a hundred other special moments and even some more I would like to hi-lite here but thatís all my poor brain can remember right now. There were some not great moments such as when the 7 year old nephew of my sil threw a rock to scare away some ducks and ended up getting one square on the nogginí. The poor thing fell over in the water and couldnít right itself. Keith hobbled over and amongst the mother birdís squawking lifted him and moved him to shore Ė his head was bleeding. A few hours later he still sat stunned and curled up into a ball we knew he wouldnít make it. Later that night the kidís father went out and dealt with the bird.

I guess that was the only truly bad thing that happened thank goodness. By the end of the week my sil was driving me a bit insane as Iím sure she felt the same way about me. I need to know details of whatís happening, where weíre going etc. She is used to holding all the cards and only releasing small amounts of information on a need-to-know basis. This drove me bat shit crazy by the end.

But all was well by the time we left their place after spending the night and continuing on to visit my parents for a few hours. It turned out to be a visit in the dark as there was a huge storm and they lost power for several hours. Good thing my mom had cooked her meal in the crockpot and it was done and had stayed warm enough for us to eat!

Iíll keep this entry upbeat and centred on my vacation. Tomorrow I will tell you why I needed Keith to take me shopping for some retail therapy! Granted it was thrift store retail therapy but Iíll take what I can get these days!

8:44 p.m. - 2013-07-23


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