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After the vacation....

So the last day of my vacation (Monday) ended with a whimper….mine. A few days before we were to leave on vacation I went for blood tests. I was told I’d only get a call if there was an issue. Yah they called the day before we were leaving so I booked my follow-up appt on Monday. I knew my iron was probably acting up cause I’ve been feeling sort of fatigued (body weary it’s hard to explain).

Well wasn’t I in for a shock when I was told that my sugar levels weren’t where he wanted them to be. I guess if I was 20 years older they would be fine but he says they could be better so he prescribed me yet another pill! I wanted to cry when he said that. Then he said something about my liver enzymes and was going to send me for an ultrasound til I told him that I had one last year and he wasn’t around when the results came in (yup I used those words). I have what’s called a ‘fatty liver’. Stupid liver getting all fatty on me! The only thing to do is……..lose weight! Again I wanted to weep. Oh then he mentioned yah my red blood cells were low (iron) and was going to write me a prescription to take iron pills (which I don’t need a prescription cause they are over the counter). I told him I was taking 1 a day since April so he told me to continue doing so. I’m no doctor but if I’ve been taking a pill a day since April and my red blood cells are still low wouldn’t that mean we should be trying something else?? Doctors!

So I left that appointment shocked and feeling depressed. My initial response was to go out and have a big greasy breakfast but Keith talked me out of that.

Instead we went and had some retail therapy! Thrift store retail therapy that is - let's face it with our money woes regular shopping isn't gonna happen. But that's okay I love the thrill of finding a bargain!


So today was my flex day (yah a 3 day work week - pretty sweet). We went to the hospital to get Keith's knee checked and after waiting an hour and a half for a 30 second check up he was declared - fixed. Of course he still needs to go to physio - both the doctor and I recommended it. Afterwards we went to my eye doctor. I was there yesterday for an appointment - they dilated my eyes and my pupils are huge - it was over 12 hours and they were still huge. They told me they used different drops then the first time a few years ago and that they would go back to normal soon. It's now been over 24 hours and my pupils are still huge. Um okay.

After that we headed home, did some chores to get ready for company - my friend S is coming tomorrow! Then I spent the rest of the afternoon outside beside 'my pool' sitting on my lounger reading. Lovely. The weather was perfect which if the weather channel is right may be the only nice day this weekend!

A'ight time to go and tidy up a little bit more. I should probably call my parents too. I wonder if they already left for vacation?

9:32 p.m. - 2013-07-26


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