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August....slow down!

Wow halfway through August already! The weather has been unpredictable this year. Not too many 'hot' days but apparently the week we went away in July was the one good one or at least that's what everyone says (and that's with a thunderstorm in the middle of the week). Anywho, it's about time for an entry!

Since I last wrote I enjoyed a wonderful day of thrift shopping with my girl S. Keith actually planned the day and we had a list of thrift stores to hit - I think we made it to 11 or 12. It was epic. The next day we went to the beach even though the weather was crap - we were stubborn though and went in the water at least once! Then we got changed into our pants and sweaters and walked the strip. Oh and I finally bought the beach chair I have been coveting for the last few years. I'm not sure I'll get to use it this season or if it will stay in the wrapper til next Summer. I guess only the weather will know!

Keith and I also made a marathon drive to the cottage my parents along with my aunt and uncle were staying at for my dad's birthday. My older brother, his wife and their 3 kids were also going to be there as they were renting the cottage for a few days after my parents, aunt and uncle left. The time there was pretty good despite the 5 hour drive. On the way up we broke the drive up by stopping at my younger brother, his wife and 2 kids and had a wonderful evening with them. The weather pretty much co-operated (odd rain spurts) but when the sun came out she was hot and I got to swim several times. The drive home was horrible - we drove back on the holiday Monday so everyone was coming home with us then we had I guess what you would call an argument and we didn't speak for the last 3 hours. It was horrible. I can be so stubborn. Even though it killed me to remain silent I wouldn't talk. Then once we got home of course it all comes gushing out. And if it wasn't my life I would find it amusing, but we both weren't talking for very different reasons. I won't bore you with the mundane details but one thing that did arise out of this was that I realized I have been doing something mean and totally demoralizing to my husband. In 'jest' I would make an off the cuff comment or joke about him being unemployed. I really didn't see myself in the wrong. Until my husband pointed out just how much it hurt when I did this. And the reason he didn't say anything before this? He felt he deserved it. He thinks that I think less of him and he agrees. This conversation about broke my heart and I couldn't even offer a defense of why I said things and I could only apologize. He told me to stop apologizing and that we were both jerks to each other. But I'm pretty sure I was the bigger jerk in all this.

So yah it was quite the emotional homecoming and so far things have been better between us.

This past weekend we were back visiting my family for my family reunion. Oh and also to drop off our blue grand prix so my dad can take it to his mechanic to get fixed (coolant issue) and then hopefully sell it for us. We took possession of my parents Echo. It's a 2002 and has no frills or fripperies but it runs great and is amazing on gas. They got a new car and wanted to give us this. How could we say no with 2 gas guzzlers? The family reunion was touch and go as I wasn't sure how many would come. One relative was super bitchy when she was told she couldn't drink or smoke in a church (seriously lady??) Plus she had a chip on her shoulder for whatever reason - oh and she wanted the next reunion to be held in Germany next year! Yah cause we all have money coming out of our butts lady! This is the one bitching she was just cut $2000 a month by compensation when they found out she was also getting her pension for the last 2 years. She's seriously lucky they didn't go back on her!!! But next year we're holding the reunion in Mississauga so whatever lady - a helluva lot closer - and cheaper for us!

This morning Keith and I slept in late - sleeping on a pull out bed will affect your sleep. We eventually left the house and had Keith's favourite lunch - gyro pitas. After we stopped at VV and dropped off 3 bags of items and clothing I collected to donate. We went to a few more but I was good and only bought 1 thing. I realize I have a helluva lot of clothing so I'm trying to cut down. Although I began a search several weeks ago to find a cute summer type dress that flatters my body type. Most dresses I find have an elastic just under my boobs which um emphasizes my stomach and that is not pretty! So the search continues. The only good thing is the dresses seem to be getting more plentiful I guess people are cleaning out their closets in anticipation of Fall or are finding new dresses on sale and getting rid of their old ones. I found a few that I came close to getting but decided I wouldn't settle on less than perfect (for me) so I put them back.

Speaking of body's. I have been lacking severely on exercising. At the cottage my dad started walking every morning for an hour he said he was going to continue once he got home - just probably not in the morning. I spoke up and I think I spoke quite strongly and vehemently about him walking in the morning. I told him that if he could do it in the morning's he should cause if you were a morning person (he is) then do it plus things tend to come up throughout the day and before you know it the day is gone and you didn't walk. Since he's been back he has continued walking. I am so proud of him. So proud! I really hope he continues it. But I am also inspired by what he's doing. Granted I hate mornings while he loves them but I have to exercise again. Motivation is hard to find right now.

Alright my laundry is done washing, time to go and deal with it and hopefully steal the tv away from Keith. Yah lets' not point out the obvious that I could be exercising instead.......

8:06 p.m. - 2013-08-12


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