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What a strange turn of events. It is me sitting in my room - solo - wondering what to do with myself while my husband lives it up with his friend in the basement. A highschool chum is here for a visit. He has lived all over the globe but now has moved back home as his dad is sick. Keith picked him up Thursday morning and the 2 have been inseperable since. I can't really say I'm complaining cause it's nice doing my own thing - it's just weird. Last night I read outside for most of the evening then I watched tv in our room while the boys took over the basement. I was a bit surprised that he was staying another night but I can't say I mind.

Tomorrow we're supposed to go hang out with T and her little fam at their campsite. It has a pool. The weather should cooperate.

I had a bit of a bad moment when I first came home from work and saw a letter from Rev Can. Threats. Keith said they have already sent a letter saying they have accepted our pymt plan so I have no idea why the fuck they are sending this threatening one. I really wanted to pick up the phone and tell someone off - but we know gov't would have been long gone by then. He said he's gonna call next week and have a discussion with them. I really really want to swear right now but I need to calm down and just let him deal with it. I also need to not let it ruin my weekend! Fucking gov't.

There. No more. Dinner will soon be ready - ribs in the smoker along with homemade beans and potatoes. Decadent. I had plans of maybe going out later tonight but I might be in a food coma so I may just play a movie on the laptop and veg while the boys continue their bonding. And yes I am invited to hang out with them but in all honesty they bore me. Just as I'm sure me and my friends do for Keith. Boys are boring what else can I say?

6:15 p.m. - 2013-08-16


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