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Singing the (post) vacation blues

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.

Vacation. What can I say? As it turns out - a lot. I had a damn awesome week off. My road trip with S was flippin' awesome. We road trip well together. We both love to thrift shop and found a bunch of treasures. We ate at iconic food places rather than just our normal fast food joints which was nice. Our beach day turned out to be the best day (weather wise) of the trip and we couldn't believe our luck. Overall it was an awesome time with one of my best gals.

Getting home I found my husband had a fun time with his friend. We drove him home Tuesday morning - I felt bad though cause boy oh boy did that guy SMELL and not good. I sort of had to cover my nose at one point. Not showering and drinking a crap load of booze plus a ton of garlic will do that to a person apparently! Once we dropped him off I found out that Keith hadn't had as much fun as I thought. I think I mentioned before they have grown apart but now it seems his 'friend' pretty much attacks every aspect of Keith's life (owning houses are bad, owning cars are bad, having a wife is bad etc). Yah I wasn't too impressed to hear some of the conversations they had. Not sure I want this guy back in my house any time soon - although to my face he is nothing but polite and nice.

The middle of the week Keith and I went on a little vacay of our own to the Falls. We booked a hotel room with a huge jaccuzi tub in the room which we definitely made use of. It was a nice trip but kind of funny cause we were both so sore we could barely walk the strip. Why so sore?

Well the day before we went to town on yard work. We spent 4 hours weeding and cutting back a huge bush and the large tree in our yard. The back of my legs were screaming the next 3 days. Bending over was not an option - it would have been funny if it wasn't me!

Saturday dawned overcast and then a non stop down pour of rain. My dreams of an outdoor bbq were going up in smoke. Worse than that we weren't really prepared to host a party inside. That morning was spent getting the house ready for a party. Somehow we pulled it together and everything was ready to go by the time people began arriving. My party went quite well if I do say so myself. Everyone seemed to have a good time. We had an awesome meal - smoked turkey and baked potatoes - both done in our smoker along with an delicious green salad. Then we had an awesome ice cream cake that I may have manipulated my friends into getting for me! Then it was present time. Sigh.

Okay so here's where I sound like a first class bitch. My friends are great. When it's a birthday or x-mas I look forward to seeing their faces as they open the gifts I have carefully chosen. Sometimes I buy things months in advance - but that's me and I get everyone is not like me. C gave me thoughtful awesome gifts ditto for T. Both girls gave me things they knew (or thought they knew) I liked. I say thought because T being classic T bought me this huge magazine of People which is my favourite mag but she bought me the 'style' issue which I could give a fig about - but it was the thought that counts. There lies the crux of the matter. It's the fact that they put 'thought' into gifts that they thought I would love. I appreciate that they try so hard. Then there's S.

Did you see above? Did you see what an awesome time we had together? We are so in sync when we travel we just roll with everything and we have a great time together. Yet the girl keeps disappointing me in the gift department. She has still yet to give me my x-mas present (apparently it's packed away still). Fine. No biggie. Then this past Saturday she showed up with helium balloons with my age on them and a princess balloon (awesome!) then a small bag with 3 items in it. 3 items from the local dollar store. It just hurt. It hurt that she doesn't put an effort into it anymore. Her world revolves around her guy. They sat on the loveseat most of the evening and once when I looked over she had her arms wrapped around him - kind of like a pillow - and he sort of just sat there - not promising if you ask me. But this isn't about them. It's about S and I. It's about S not giving a damn what she gives me anymore. Not putting thought into a gift. She knows what I like (or she used to). But it's like she doesn't care and once again I say that hurts. I told Keith that this was the last straw. I guess it is technically her 3rd strike. The first strike was giving me the same 'bag' as a gift for my b-day and then 3 months later for x-mas and not realizing. The second strike was this past x-mas (although I am being generous cause there was the many years of homemade soaps and bath bombs that I did not use plus the bottle of red wine that I hate). But I digress. The 3rd strike was the $3 dollar store gifts she just gave me. I'm done. This coming x-mas I'm not giving her anything. I'm not mentioning anything unless she brings it up and then this is where it gets tough. I will have to get real with her. I will have to tell her that I think we shouldn't exchange gifts anymore as it is obvious her heart isn't in it anymore and then cite the examples above. It will be next to impossible cause I hate confrontations and I hate hurting people's feelings. But I can't keep giving it my all with this girl and getting less than half assed in response. There's a lot of truth in the saying 'it's the thought that counts'.

Now time to get ready for work tomorrow - boo! But luckily it's a 4 day work week. Then it's off to my parents for the weekend. Let the birthday fun continue on!

7:45 p.m. - 2013-09-09


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