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buh-bye big bllue

Yah so I figured I wouldn’t be able to describe the whole gift thing with S appropriately. I should clarify that the fact that it was a $3 gift really doesn’t bother me. I mean I just bought HER a $3 gift but it’s been earmarked for her Christmas gift. It’s a flamingo pitcher with 3 cups that I found at a thrift store. In great condition but I figure it was donated because a set should have 4 cups. She loves flamingos. See I don’t care how much it costs, it only matters that you put thought into. That’s all I ask. Give me some thought and I will do the same. But this is all in my head and to go on about it gives it too much importance. When it boils down to it our friendship is all that matters. I am a-ok with not giving gifts between us anymore – I have many friends that I don’t exchange gifts with.

Oh and um one more thing just wanted to clarify it was NOT my husband that smelled bad. Good God if he EVER smelled like that he would be sleeping outside!!! That man of mine is rather annoying in the fact that he doesn’t really sweat and even when he does he doesn’t really stink. I say annoying because I am a sweater and yah I am always doing the double under-arm smell check!

So we (finally) got some good news last night from my parents – our blue car sold!!! I was worried about how long it would take but there will be an envelope of cash waiting for us when we get there. Now the negotiations begin of what is best to do with the money. Bills and debt will be the majority obviously. But there are renovations that we have been considering – some out of necessity. Keith managed to finally fix our kitchen faucets a couple weeks ago. They had been getting progressively worse and we both saw dollar signs floating out the window whenever we talked about the problem. Well Mr Unbendable (no seriously the guy has no flexibility) finally managed to spend a few hours under the sink one afternoon and fixed the problem for under $50. I nearly wept when I turned on the faucet and it worked perfectly. Never take running water for granted.

Part of our date night just got cancelled tonight – the important part – our chiro appt. I just got a call saying the doctor had a family emergency and had to rebook. Hopefully nothing bad. We are rescheduled for next Monday. I just called and gave Keith the bad news. He is in bad shape as his back is pretty out but he took the news okay. I guess 11 hours of sleep will do that for you. He went to bed at 9pm last night and was up at 8:30 this morning. He surprised me by saying we should still do dinner at Swiss (YES). I mean we are using a coupon and a gift card that the company sent us so it will cost us nothing.


Updated to add that dinner cost us $1.20 (plus tip) not too shabby at all!

10:13 p.m. - 2013-09-10


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