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4 words you should never say

There are 4 words that you should probably never say to your spouse if you want your marriage to succeed. Those 4 words?

I Told You So.

Nobody wants to hear them. Sure the person who says them probably has every right and has probably been driven crazy by said spouse because they just would not listen. But oh sometimes itís oh so hard to keep your lips sealed!

My husband had a temp agency call and offer him a job and because he desperately wants to start working again he said yes. The job was as a garbage man thrower. The guy who stand on the end of the truck and chucks bags of garbage into the big truck. I immediately tried to talk him out of it. Now let me just say I do not have a problem with garbage men at all. In fact my brother is a garbage man. Has been for about 15 Ė maybe 20 years. He started out as a recycler Ė went to garbage man and now he drives the truck that picks up the huge bins. So itís not the job I have an issue with. Itís my husbandís health. His body in my opinion just isnít capable of the demands this job will entail. He has bad knees, a bad back and sometimes sore shoulders. You do the math. But rather than be a negative nelly and a nagging wife I just told him that if he wanted to try it he could. Oh and did I mention my first boyfriend was also a recycling and garbage man?! Yah I have some experience to seeing men come home after a 10 or 12 hour shift and they were wrecked. They looked like hell and they were sore everywhere and this was 15 or 20 years ago when we were all younger!

So needless to say I got home last night Ė no Keith in sight Ė an hour and a half later he was home. He was bagged. He told me how taxing it was and how sore he was and I sat there and oh those words were on the tip of my tongue but saying them was not going to help. I'm sure the look on my face (I do not have a face for poker) told him how I felt.

But to his credit he admitted the job wasn't for him - emailed the temp agency saying the same but told them he would go into today to finish off the week but asking if they could look for another job for him. I hate that he has to go thru temp agencies but that is the way of the world these days. Everyone is going temp. Although he did find out how much garbage men get paid when not working thru a temp agency and it's a heck of a lot more money. But seeing as he can't move right now I don't think this was meant to be his career!

So I've walked twice - last night and tonight. It felt good. I missed it. The cooler air makes it so much nicer to walk in! I just have to start leaving earlier cause it gets dark super fast now and I don't stick to well lit areas if you know what I mean.

Tomorrow morn we are leaving for my parents. We hope to get away by 9 - well I hope to get away then. I want to hang out with my little nephews (and their parents) at the Fair in the afternoon. Then my older brother and his family are supposed to be coming that evening for the demolition derby. Gotta remember to pack the warm clothes for tomorrow night. It may not seem that chilly but when you stand then subsequently sit for hours on end you start to feel the cold. The sitting comes once people start to leave the derby - as we never arrive in time to get a spot.

Oh and one last funny story - today I decided to treat myself to a pre birthday lunch - the plan was to go to my favourite place then hit tim's on the way back to work for a pm coffee. Well I forgot I spent most of the money in my wallet last night on dinner at the grocery store so I started scrounging for change. I did find enough and when I told my co-worker my plan to get coffee (normally I treat if I go out) but that I didn't have enough for 2 - well another co-worker ended up paying for HER cause she didn't have any change at all. Hey wait - who's birthday (almost) is it?? Don't worry I wasn't upset but I did have a chuckle at the irony!

9:50 p.m. - 2013-09-13


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