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Hm just found an entry in my drafts folder - oops - it was about my b-day weekend. Ah well let's just post it!

Sept 16 entry:

What a wonderful weekend. Saturday we drove up to my parents – getting away an hour later than I would have liked (the hubs was having a slight problem moving due to pain) so everything seemed to be in slow-mo. The drive up was nice and scenic (Fall!) but it was warmer than the weather people had said it would be. We met my younger brother and his family at the Fair. Little D was having a day of it as he was running ride to ride (no lineups) and since he had a wrist bracelet he didn’t have to worry about having tickets for rides. I went on one ride with him – a strawberry one that spins around and around and around. Aiyee. I was done. We had dinner back at my parents and then around 6:30 my older brother and his family arrived. In the chaos they had a cake for me and some presents. We ate a piece of cake and then a bunch of us left to go down to the demolition derby. They started it earlier this year and it was a beautiful night – this led to the place being packed. Normally by the 3rd or 4th heat we can find a place to sit on the stands but not this year. This year we stood for the whole thing and it seemed there were less races. It ended at 9:45 and normally it’s around 11. Still lots of fun to watch but poor Keith couldn’t take standing on his sore legs so went and sat down for the last few races – not on the stands so he didn’t even see the action.

Back at home everyone eventually headed home and it was around 11 and we ended up staying up til 12 where I got to hear the story of my birth – how my dad called home to my mom at 11pm to check on her (he was at work) and my mom was in labour but told my dad she thought she was fine (I was her second) but my dad came home, got my uncle to watch my brother – took my mom to the hospital – got there at 12-ish – took her in and got her checked in – went to move the car and park it and when he came back I had been born! I was fast! 1:05 I think they said.

Sunday after church we came back to my parents house and a few relatives came too and I had yet another birthday cake! It was a nice surprise and completely unexpected. Around 3 we packed up and headed home. Stopping at VV on the way home as I was hell bent on using my stupid customer card and getting a discount on my birthday. One of the staff member was completely useless when I asked her how the b-day discount worked “Um it changes month to month you will have to ask at the register”. No in fact it doesn’t change at all. Normally I thank a person but this time I just had to walk away from the ignorance. If you don’t know say you don’t know and maybe for good customer service go and find out! I did finally find a pair of work pants to buy (I was a bit cranky by this point) and I had lost the price tag on the pants to boot. The woman who checked me out asked me how much the pants were – I told her and she said “nah” and marked them half price. Now that made my day.

Sept 25 entry:

Alright so that was my birthday. I wonder when I will ever get sick of my birthday? Let's hope never!

So let's see what's been going on. This past weekend I cleaned out the ol' closets and switched over to the Fall wardrobe - although ironically I am wearing capris to work today (they escaped the packing up by hiding on me).

On the weekend we wanted to watch a movie together (we have vastly different preferences) but couldn't decide. Finally I suggested the first Harry Potter. Well let's just say I started something and now we are watching all the movies. I am also finding out I have either a super poor memory or I did not watch a few of the movies. I know I read some of the books so it is confusing because I know the storyline but watching it is totally new to me. I guess I can call this a good thing.

Oh I have made a decision about my eyes. I went to the eye centre last Friday and found out I am still a candidate and I have since booked the surgeries. My first one is Oct 3. They only do 1 eye at a time this time as the procedure is a bit different than the first and by the sounds of it you get worse before you get better - I guess this is why they prescribe you percocet! I'm a bit nervous but trying not to think about it too much.

As luck would have it Keith got called for a job last night (he needs to be my chauffeur next week). But when I got home today he was already home. Turns out he only did half a day - it was a delivery job for a local beer company. Turns out they laid off a bunch of people and were supposed to call them back before going to a temp agency - soon as the union got hold of the news all hell broke loose and they had to send Keith packing. But at least the supervisor took him and a few guys out to lunch. The way Keith tells it, it was a honest mistake.

Alright I think this is long enough. Ok one more quick thing. Today at work 3 of us got our picture taken for our internal website for our staff association (we're the executives) so I suggested we all wear bowties cause it would be funny. The guy in our group has a bunch so he brought them in. The other girl didn't want to but we finally convinced her to wrap one around her neck but leave it undone. The pic turned out pretty cool. We then did a whole bunch without bowties. Guess which one we ALL thought was best. Yup. Bowties are cool.

8:10 p.m. - 2013-09-25


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