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8 years and counting....

Well I should probably post an entry since I won't be able to the next 4 days. Yup I'll be home but won't be allowed to touch the computer or watch tv! Or read a book! I am gonna be so bored. I got a few books on tape sort of deal from the library. First I tried to find some online but we don't like to pay for things. The ones we did find free you had to download software and Keith doesn't trust anything so that was scratched. But the library came through for me so I am all set up with 4 books oh and radio plays that the hubby thinks I will 'enjoy' more than the books. Shhh let's not tell him he's wrong.

So this past weekend I had grand plans of getting shit done. But the hubby had other plans. First he had to get the all clear from me that we were free Saturday (I have a tendency to book us and um forget to tell him). But it was all good we were free. Then he sprung the plans on me. He had a hotel all picked out for us to go to - for our Anniversary. I was actually shocked cause I never even thought about going away. Once I gave my whole hearted agreement we booked the hotel and I ran to pack us an overnight bag. Saturday morn we left for the Falls (where else would we go?!). The hotel was a bit run down but we knew that from the reviews (we love trying a different hotel each time we visit). I don't think we'd stay there again for a 'romantic' time but if there was a group of friends it would totally be a party hotel. We had a heart shaped hot tub in our room which was cool. That evening after we had walked the strip, did some shopping not on the strip and ate at our favourite place I filled up the tub and was then surprised even further when Keith produced champagne along with the pewter mugs I had bought for him as a wedding gift 8 years ago. He then went a step further and actually talked about our marriage and asked questions about how happy I was and our future etc. I'm not sure who this man was but I sure enjoyed spending the night with him!

I make it sound like my husband isn't romantic and I don't mean that. He pretty much always puts me first. If I want to go somewhere and so does he we'll go to MY place. If I want something particular for dinner he'll go out of his way to make it. As for the emotions thing he's not one to really talk about his feelings but if I feel the need to probe him to talk about something emotional he won't shy away. He's a pretty good man.

Oh except for the fact that mere days before my eye procedure he had to go and get himself Shingles. Adult chickenpox! I've been reading non stop about it the last while. I'm pretty sure there's little to no chance I can get it. I've had chickenpox as a baby and my immune system is pretty healthy. I've also made him sleep in the spare room and uh stay away from me! He's got a small rash on his face - right side. It started on the scalp under the hair so that's why he didn't really bother with it right away. Then he got a spot on his forehead and that's when he went to the Clinic (our damn doctor couldn't see him til Monday). The scalp one has scabbed over (good thing) but the other is halfway thru healing. But the timing definitely could be better!

Alright I have to go and watch on the computer....

Good luck left eye!

9:02 p.m. - 2013-10-02


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