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Left eye - complete!

Well the left eye PRK went off without a hitch. I was quite nervous the night before the procedure which I sort of expected. I stayed up cleaning and putting around and then read to the wee hours of the morning. I was wide awake once my alarm went off. But it was a simple procedure like last time and I was a model patient. I saw my eye doctor 4 days following the procedure and she couldn't get over how I had no pain. I didn't even get to take any of the percs I had picked up after the procedure because ALL the literature told me I would be in pain. On a scale of 1 to 10 I told my doctor 1 only because my eye felt a bit like I had an eyelash in it and itchy but nowhere close to being in pain. I also found out that even though this procedure is 'free' all my doctor appointments aren't. When they asked how I wanted to pay I told them I wasn't even sure how much it would cost. Luckily my eye doctor was standing right there when the receptionist asked. The doctor said the cost is quite high but she was only going to charge me the visit fee which I believe is something like $45 - but at 5-6 visits this will add up. But I can only imagine how much it is supposed to be!!

I thought I wouldn't need a week off work to recuperate but I was wrong. My left eye was blurry up until the day they removed the bandage contact and then that whole day (Tuesday) it was so itchy and bothersome I knew working on a computer would be a very bad thing to do. My workplace called me after I sent in the doctor's note to confirm my absence etc. The lady I spoke to was quite nice and we even spoke about my right eye procedure in November and she made notes of it and let me know how it would work (I have no sick days left). But it will all work out so for that I am glad.

My week off flew by. I didn't get a whole lot accomplished which is too bad. Oh but I did find a whole new appreciation for books-on-tape. I 'read' two of them. The second was quite lengthy. I thought I would be bored beyond belief just lying there listening to someone read me a book but nope I quite enjoyed it! For the most part I would lay on my bed either with my eyes closed or staring out the window at the sky. Relaxing.

I only just started reading books again 2 days ago. My left eye is still slightly blurry as it will take a few months to totally heal. Tomorrow when I go back to work will be the first time driving since the procedure. It's a gray area with the driving as I'm not sure if I'm totally legal (no one ever took away my licence) but as long as I drive during the day and short distances I think it will be just fine. Keith has had to drive us everywhere which I've quite enjoyed. I told him it's payback for his 2 knee surgeries! He didn't appreciate that comment.

This weekend was Thanksgiving - Canada style! We drove up Friday and spent the night at my brother and sil's house and had a wonderful time with the boys' on Saturday. We even went to the park wearing shorts and sunscreen! Beautiful day. Sunday was rainy and overcast but it was an inside day so that was okay. After church my brother and sil took off for dinner with her side of the family. It was going to be a very small dinner with just 5 of us. The my older brother called and told us his family could come after all (his eldest son was in a soccer tournament and unfortunately they lost so it freed up their afternoon). It was nice having them though! 5 more people made it a nice 10! We stayed til after 7 then headed home.

This morning we got up and rushed to get out the door by 11ish - and then raced to Keith's parents as we were told people were arriving around 12 and dinner was at 3. Yah I guess plans changed and were moved back later. Ah well we still had a nice visit with his parents and 2 of his brothers until his sisters arrived with their brood. His dad did get tanked and missed dinner (he does drink a lot but normally not that much!). After a very filling dinner and then a ton of dessert we all layed around groaning about our over full bellies - but ironically not willing to go out and walk it off - we headed home around 7 with a quick detour to drop off one of the brother's. This brother is leaving for Japan at the end of the week. He finds out in a month or so if he will get to go there for a YEAR for work. So cool. The brother is late 20's with no girl or kids to leave behind so he is psyched as he well should be!

A'ight I gotta end this here and go get ready to head back to work tomorrow. Not looking forward to that 6:45 alarm!

9:34 p.m. - 2013-10-14


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