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Before before liquor never been sicker

Time for an update! Last weekend was Oktoberfest and I spent way too much time stressing about it. An old co-worker bought tickets to go and she and another ex co-worker are 'on carribean' time according to them. Which basically boils down to no plans being made. Mkay. Not how I roll.

Keith and I tidied the heck out of our house and had it ready to go for company - whenever they would arrive! T then text me that her mom was sick thus she couldn't babysit. Then came dozens of texts of her basically trying to work it out and at one point she was trying to convince her husband to go with a buddy. Conveniently forgetting she was going because I invited HER out for a girls' night. Sigh. But then it was decided SHE would go and he would stay home with the kids (yah his daughter was there that wknd). That afternoon my friend Nad arrived sans our other friend who couldn't make it. T arrived and the 3 of us had some eats and some drinks and then headed out to the Fest hall. At which point my memory gets quite fuzzy. Not really but I'm not gonna write the nitty gritty here cause it was one helluva an awesome night and I'm sure I haven't been that drunk in years! It helped that they sold beer by the pitchers oh and said beer pretty much flowed all night by others that purchased it! But I guess I danced my ass off enough that by the time I got home and passed out I managed not to wake up with a hangover! Good thing I had liquor before beer!

Monday evening my parents came down to spend the night and we fed them a lovely dinner and then played a few games of scrabble before all of us heading to bed. And of course this was the night where I tossed and turned and could not sleep - I woke up Tuesday feeling like I had a hangover! All day at work I felt horribly tired. It didn't help that we got up at 6am and were at a restaurant at 7am to eat breakfast before my parents had to leave for their meeting. That night Keith and I were in bed at 8:45 and lights out by 9! Sweetest sleep ever.

I went swimming last night for the first time since I had prk done on my left eye. Probably not the best time as I had my eye checkup today and they were super dry and red! Damn chlorine! Stupid Me. My left eye is 20/25 whatever that means. It has improved a lot which is all I care about.

Oh I also came home from work yesterday to a cold house. Our furnace stopped working. Gulp. Keith investigated and he came up with it being the igniter or something like that. Then the man figured out the part- we went and got the part - and boom he fixed it for $50! We cancelled the service call and celebrated not spending a minimum of $200 on MONDAY when the bastards were finally going to get around to coming over. Eff that.

I also had my doctor appointment today. Same noise as last time - should lose weight. My blood sugar was better (new meds) and I lost ONE pound! I chuckled at that. Although later I kind of marvelled at it cause hello we just go through Thanksgiving and I didn't hold back on the desserts and I have been slack with the exercising especially when I had my eye done and couldn't even leave the house! So go me!

Tonight was the annual booksale in C's hometown. Originally T was the first to say she really wanted to go but then it turned out her hubby had to work some overtime tonight and she was nervous about bringing her babe out so she cancelled. I told C it's almost like T is 2 people. I rarely see her with her daughter so to me she's still baby-free T but you know she talks about her kid. So I rectified that by making plans for K and I to go hang out with them tomorrow. Tomorrow at noon we are going to K's parents for a kids Halloween party (yah I don't know either) and then when the kids leave for the haunted house at 3 we are heading over to T's house and having dinner with them - then in the evening we are going to head over to the haunted house!

Oh yah my score at the booksale? The trilogy of 50 shades. Yah I couldn't resist buying them for $2 each. Cheap thrills.

9:46 p.m. - 2013-10-25


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