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And now for the rest of the weekend. Saturday we left for K's parents around noon but first we stopped to buy a carbon monoxide detector. Keith didn't sleep well the night before because he was worried about it. I gave it a thought before I went to sleep but obviously it didn't keep me up. I went thru a wee bit of CM leakage when I lived with my gram many years ago. I couldn't understand why I was so tired all the time and had headaches and was dizzy. I found a letter I wrote to my then boyfriend (we were fighting) and in it I tell him that I am feeling so bad physically and all he keeps telling me is to get my iron checked or something stupid like that. It was only when the furnace guy came in did everyone realize what had been going on. My living and sleeping quarters were in the basement with the furnace. Yah I'm surprised I'm alive too.

Anywho after picking up said detector we headed to the Farm and spent time with the kids watching them get super hyper from all the sugar. They left to go to the haunted house before we had to witness the crash. We then headed off shortly after that to visit T and J. They had their little one on the couch on a pillow with a blanket trying to get her to nap. Eventually she fell asleep but I think I see why T has a problem getting her to nap if that's how she goes about it. We eventually had a lovely dinner and I somehow drank the whole bottle of wine I brought (okay minus 2 glasses). Around 7:30 we headed out to the haunted house in a nearby town. Keith and I went in first while T and J sat in their car with their sleeping little one. The house wasn't what you would call scary but they did a great job considering this is a small town thing. You could sometimes see the people waiting around the corner to scare you but I forced myself not to look ahead and to just go with it. Once we came out we sent T and J in. C had text us that she was still feeling poorly and didn't come.

After that we headed home and called it a night. Sunday we stayed in except for a bit of shopping in the morning and then Keith went on a cooking binge while I did a ton of laundry and did some organizing.

Now it is Monday and the start of a busy (for us) week lies ahead. Tomorrow is our chiro and dinner night out. Wednesday I swim with T while also baking something delicious for my co-workers for Halloween (I sent out an email asking if they wanted to do a little food day and they all agreed). Then Thursday is of course Halloween. Friday I am off (yay) then Saturday is the wine tour for work and then that evening we are heading in to T dot for a housewarming party that S is throwing. Hm just writing all that makes me want to go to bed now!

We were supposed to carve pumpkins tonight but we're not in the mood. We just got back from a little walk after dinner in the nearby woods and for me that is enough. There's always tomorrow.

7:25 p.m. - 2013-10-28


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