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Wine Tour & House Party kind of weekend

Another weekend bites the dust! This weekend was jam packed to the gills which is not normal for us. First we had Halloween which totally sucked weather wise. It rained and was quite windy so we couldn't go all out with the decorating like we (I mean Keith) likes to do. But he did manage to put our inflatable car on the lawn as well as an inflatable large neon green skull by our door. The kids were suitably impressed and a few went on about how cool the car was. We had about 60 kids. We made 51 treat bags - so many kids got excited when they saw the bag and I couldn't help but laugh as they went clambering down our steps exclaiming to their parents about how they got a bag full of trick or treat candy! Cute.

I had Friday off (the current joke at work is that I no longer work Friday's - I wish!). After getting up and going for a walk in the crazy crazy wind I showered and headed out for my massage. Once back I had some lunch then we headed out to get some cheap Halloween stuff but there was really not much left at the few places we went. Ah well at least we got a couple things. Friday night we watched a movie - Now you See me - which was pretty good. Friday sleep was shit cause I took something the wrong way that Keith said - stewed about it til 1am then I got up and he followed me and then we discussed it and I felt like an ass. Gah. So before we knew it our alarm was going off at 8am (actually I got up at 7:45) cause we had to leave for the Wine Tour.

Have I mentioned that? Me and 2 co-workers planned a Wine Tour in the Niagara Region for our staff association at work. A lot of work but I think it turned out great. The weather was rainy and overcast but the mood on the chartered bus was festive. We hit 3 wineries - had a decadent lunch and were home by 5:30. We bought 1 bottle of wine but some people walked off the bus carrying boxes (12 bottles fit in a box!). Keith and I raced home, undressed and went to sleep! We slept for about an hour and a half then got up and drove to Toronto. S was having a house warming/ Halloween party. We arrived at 9 - invite said 8:30 and found we were the only ones there! Out of 42 people she invited only us and our friend A said yes! Actually most people never even responded - invite was via FB. So we kicked the party into high gear and managed to have a great time anyway.

At 3am we called it a night which I think irked A a little as she's a night owl and probably was just getting going but the rest of us were toast. S and her guy had been out the night before kickin' their heels up as it was their 3rd year anniversary.

After a pretty good night's sleep I was up around 9ish and soon Keith and S were up too. We sat around shooting the breeze til noon-ish when Keith and I finally left to do a little shopping while in T dot (that's when S's guy finally got up). We hit Ikea but we were there less than 20 minutes as we were there for just bottles and knew where they were - it was crazy busy. We went to several other places but managed not to spend money on crap. I did buy a few more x-mas presents which is always a good thing.

Now we are home, had a nice dinner of soup and sandwiches (our stomachs are recovering from crap food and booze) and I should probably start getting organized for the week ahead. I only work a 3 day week which is cool. This Thursday is my second eye procedure - it's the Right eye's turn! I started taking my eye drops yesterday which is fun because I am still taking drops for the left eye (different type) and of course both eyes are on different time schedules!

Mkay time to put down these toasted pumpkin seeds and go take off this ghoulish nail polish! Monday is just a few hours away!

7:44 p.m. - 2013-11-03


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