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Yes, drugs are addictive!

So the right eye procedure - PRK - let's get into it shall we? I thought I would be more at peace this time the night before as it was only a month ago I had my left eye done. Nope. I spent most of the night running around refusing to go to bed. Then when I did I read into the wee hours of the night.

The next day I was pretty calm. Although once there as they were putting the dot over the eye to be operated on they went to put it over the LEFT eye. Um no that one's been done! Yah shake my confidence in ya why don't ya! I eventually went in - I wasn't first this time - and it went pretty much the same. The absolute worst part was when the doctor pours freezing cold water over your eye - the eye that is held open with this contraption like in clockwork orange. I shivered now just recounting it. That was pure hell lying there feeling the cold water and then this wicked brain freeze. It's a matter of seconds but lying there it feels much much longer. I recovered within a matter of minutes then was kicked out I mean on my way home. I decided to sleep the day away like they suggested and since my eye was in a wee bit of discomfort I took a Percocet. Just as the drug was taking affect T text me telling me the shower she was throwing for her friend was cancelled as they got in this huge fight. I managed to end the text convo and finally head off to dreamland.

Once I woke up a few hours later that's when the fun began. I was in pain. Serious effin pain. I wanted to die. I wanted to take an ice pick to my head and pull my eye out. I cried several times the first couple days of healing. I just couldn't believe how much pain I was in!! At my first eye check up the day after the procedure my optometrist was all oh yah that's normal! Your last eye being pain free was abnormal! I managed to only take advil during the day but at night I made sure to take a perc. Looking back now it's hard to remember the crazy amount of pain I was in but I guess that's the way the body copes eh?

On the 3rd day of healing - Sunday - I went to my eye dr and my eye hurt like hell but again she thought it was normal! This was a different pain - like wearing contacts with a bunch of sand in your eye. Basically I was sure there was protein build up on the bandage contact lens like last time. But again she wanted to keep the bandage on extra long to help it heal - rather than take it out Monday leave it in til Tuesday. Looking back I'm pretty sure she just wanted Monday off and didn't want to work. Fair enough I guess. She gave me this thick gel to put in my eye to help ease the discomfort. After we left the eye dr we stopped to get me my treat - tim's coffee of course - and while we were in the drive thru I tried the super thick gel and after finally getting it out of the incredibly small bottle my eye felt wonderful! Pain free! I looked over at Keith telling him how great my eye felt and he asked me what was on my cheek - oops it was the contact bandage! Since my dr had given me her cell number I called her and told her, she wanted to put another bandage in but then since I told her I felt great she suggested I give it a few hours and if my eye felt worse or sore to call her and she would meet me back at her office to put another one in. Nuh-uh! My phone hung up on her (low battery) so I quickly text her apologizing and agreed. When I went back Tuesday for my 4th day checkup she marvelled at how well my eye was doing. It is almost totally healed and no harm done losing the bandage!

During this time Keith decided that once again he needed to compete with me and rather than wait on me hand and foot he would come down with something as well (remember last time was shingles!). This time it was bronchitis! The man is killing me. His cough makes ME hurt just listening to it. Luckily I think he is on the upswing although the cough is still quite wicked. Needless to say I have been hobbling around making us dinner and doing dishes etc. Yesterday I even drove to the grocery store. Unlike last time I can do this as my left eye has perfect vision and you really only need one eye to drive!

Last night I decided I no longer needed to take a Percocet before bed - the one night I should have stopped I accidentally whipped myself in the eye with the hand towel right before bed so I um felt justified in taking it. But last night there was no reason. And then I spent the rest of the night tossing and turning and very restless in bed. I know I saw 4am then pretty much every hour on the dot til 10 when I forced myself to get out of bed. Keith and I decided it might have been the percs playing havoc with my system- those drugs are quite addictive. I really really hope I sleep tonight!

I didn't nap today. Instead I went out shopping by myself. I drove to my big girl store to buy a couple bras (damn these big boobs) cause I had a coupon and today was the last day. In order to get the coupon I had to spend a certain amount of money but everything in that store is so damn expensive and clearance items didn't count (of course). Finally I found 2 tops and then got the hell out of there. I know - poor me - new clothes!

This evening I was restless so I began de-cluttering and managed to get a few more bags for donation. It helps that I am pms'ing and in the mood to throw out things and am less sentimental. Tomorrow I will go drop them off.

Friday Keith and I are supposed to head to my older brother's for a visit with his family - at which time I will give my niece and sister-in-law their b-day gifts. Then we will go on to visit my younger brother (who I just found out has been having health problems of his own) for a short visit. We will stay overnight then go to my parents town to watch the Christmas parade and then head home. Although I just found out that my mom is away this weekend at a conference so I will be bummed if I don't see her before we leave. She sounded kind of down last night - that or tired - hopefully it was just tired.

Alright coughy mccoughy is coughing so I'm gonna end this and maybe go hide out in our room away from the cough!

9:57 p.m. - 2013-11-13


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