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Poof...up in smoke....

What is that saying about the 'best made plans.....'

Yah. Our weekend plans went up in smoke yesterday. Keith finally decided to go to the doctor to get his cough checked. I called our doctor but the office was 'closed for lunch' and there was no guaranteeing he could even get an appointment that afternoon so we drove ONE minute to the clinic closest to us - can I just say this place is awesome? We had never been cause we kept forgetting about it. They have 16 chairs in their waiting room and there were like 4 people there. Keith was in within 15 minutes of us getting there. The doctor sent him for x-rays and then called us around 4 to tell us that he has pneumonia. Frowny face. I went and got his prescription filled then began the task of letting my family know we had to cancel our plans for the weekend and wouldn't be seeing them. I was fine with it. Not happy but fine.

Then I woke up this morning all sad. Guess I wasn't so fine? I so wanted to go to the Santa Claus parade with my nephews and see everyone. I toyed with the idea of going by myself tomorrow morning and decided to mull it over. I then got a text from T saying she was on her way down (she needed to buy her little one more clothes from the children's second hand store near my house). So I met her there and we spent a nice afternoon together. Her little one is such a monkey. That kid refuses to sit in her stroller! She strains to sit up if T lies her back to encourage a nap - I mean full on going red in the face. Then when she is sat up and wants out she starts to rock and roll out of her straps to get free! As soon as her mom picks her up all sunshine and flowers!

I got home around 5 to a still coughy (but slightly better sounding) husband and knew I couldn't go away and leave him on his own. I thought about how I would feel if the roles were reversed. Would I want to be alone all miserable and suffering having to cook and clean after myself? Hells no. So I am hoping we can go up in a couple weekends and have a proper visit with everyone. Fingers crossed.

Well time to get me to bed. Got to be well rested to clean up the mess of the kitchen (seriously every day it starts out clean and by the end - disaster!).

Ah the things we do for love.

11:29 p.m. - 2013-11-15


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