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These 5 day work weeks are long

I survived! 5 working days in a row. It's been a while. Probably since September! The week actually went pretty fast. Although that's not to say it was smooth sailing. Oh no. My hormones would NOT hear of that. I experienced every emotion - to the extreme - this week. But I came thru it and am finally feeling normal. Take that PMS!!!

So I just made Keith stare at my toenail with me and then I went and googled what was wrong with it. I'm pretty sure it's vitamin D and B deficiency mostly due to my 'medical issues' and medication I am on. I would bring this to my doctor's attention but he is just so abrupt and will sort of listen to me but will usually end up doing what he wants that I don't really feel listened to. Of course I should be the one pushing back if I believe in it enough - I know. And there's no looking for another doctor, cause there's a lack of dr's here in Canada ya know. They all want to be 'specialists' or what have you due to making a butt load more money! Anywho I will try the vitamin supplements for a month or so and see if I feel better and if my toenail starts to heal. If it does - success! If not then I guess I will bring it up with the doctor. I guess I should say it's not anything gross - just my nails are weak and brittle and my one nail that I cracked down the middle in May did heal but the nailbed feels rough and there are horizontal lines that are visible.

So I recklessly got my haircut yesterday. I say reckless cause I kept making her cut it shorter and shorter. Once my hair gets to shoulder length it pulls all the curl and wave out and annoys the crap out of me. I surprised myself by speaking my mind and telling her how I wanted it a certain way - normally I used to just nod or keep quiet but I find myself speaking my mind a lot more. Is this an aging thing? I do wish I had her cut it a wee bit shorter on the sides but she was styling it straight so I couldn't tell that shorter would be better at the time. But the way I look at it is that now I know for next time! Plus it's $16 for a wash, cut and style. Sure it's a hair dressing school but the girls and sometimes guys do a great job. It will take me a while to play with it to feel really comfortable but so far I'm liking the feel of less hair. Funny enough neither C nor T noticed tonight that I cut it. But I can't really blame them normally I wear my hair back in a bun or ponytail.

We had our girls' shopping night tonight and shop we did. It was fun. We had dinner first and C was surprised when both T and I ordered salads and baked potatoes - go us! Of course that was because I had had a quite filling lunch!

So tomorrow, if you didn't know, is the day of the Doctor! Doctor Who that is. Yup we will be sitting in front of our tv at 2:50 watching the show that is being broadcast world wide at the same time. Geeks unite. I was trying to hype the day up for Keith but I might be failing as I lose enthusiasm. It's hard to work with this theme.

So I nearly had a heart attack yesterday as just before I was leaving work I checked our bank account and it was in the RED. My heart was pounding as I saw we were overdrawn. I looked and saw a bill we paid was over $2000. Um WTF?? I called Keith with shaking hands and explained what was going on, he logged on and realized when we had set up a few of our bills for automatic payment this month one of the bills he had put an extra zero in. I left it to him to fix the error which he did by the time I got home. My heart rate settled down.

Well my eyes are having a hard time staying open so I am gonna hit the hay. A long week followed by a long night of shopping with the girls tuckered me out!

11:17 p.m. - 2013-11-22


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