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December already! I had a thought of writing some Christmas-y type entries not sure it will come to fruition, I guess we shall see. This week has been crazy busy but it should slow down now - well after tomorrow night. I am volunteering 2 nights this week at the shoebox place - going through and checking shoeboxes filled with kid friendly things to be sent to 3rd world countries. I think I've been doing it for at least 6 years. It's tiring but rewarding. My first night was last night and Thursday is my other night. It should be better cause I won't have to sit and watch the video and listen to the instructions or worse sit and wait it out while they organize the groups - a lot of large groups come together then there is me - 1 loner. But tomorrow I will go in and be put right to work - yay.

I am also fighting off a cold. I think it is due to my nephew who had a cold (when doesn't he?) and at one point he began to jab his slobbery fingers into my mouth (why? seriously why?) and yah I'm sure it may have happened then. This nephew isn't the kisses type yet I get them from his older brother D. Although D was part devil as he normally is but I just blame it on the red hair. He's still too cute and when he tells me he loves me my heart melts. Kids.

So we had a successful weekend travelling and visiting my side of the family. Had a nice visit with my older brother and his fam Friday evening. We then drove to my parents, played a few games of scrabble and banana grams and then hit the hay. I was up at 8 but no one else was which freaked me out cause my parents are early risers. I think around 9-ish they were up! Then we met my younger brother at the church where they were building gingerbread houses which I have never done. No wait - decorating them - not building. I "helped" D by help I mean watch him stuff candy and icing in his mouth as fast as he could! We eventually got some on the house then he was let loose to run around the gym on his sugar high.

Then we drove back to my brother's house and began to help decorate their tree before my sil got home from work. Once the kids were bathed and put to bed (D actually requested I read him a book at bedtime which he'd never done before) my sil and I headed out to pick up a crazy amount of chicken wings for dinner. We then had crazy chocolate cake for dessert that we brought in honour of my brother's b-day.

Sunday back to church - for actual church - then had lunch there and then Keith and I hit the road home! A full weekend.

Keith has been a bit down lately and I think this trip did him a lot of good. He seems to be in better spirits.

Today was our annual Chinese x-mas lunch at work. For the first time ever I helped organize it and boy is it a lot of work! Of course my 2 cohorts and I got a lot of leftovers for the price of free for all the hard work! But it was a success and people loved my antlers which I wear every x-mas. Some dude on the street went on about how cute I was - my co-worker thought it was creepy when he told me this - heh.

Now I am tired and full (leftovers for dinner). It's almost time to convince my husband to put on survivor and then afterwards I am going to bed. I am so shaking this cold before it starts!!

8:00 p.m. - 2013-12-04


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